Top Voters - March 2019

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Greetings all Maestreans!
Hope everyone enjoyed the pranks and tomfoolery of April Fools and is excited for Easter in the coming month!

Thanks to everyone for voting and supporting the server once again this February!

1st place: jediknight95 - 221 votes

Reward: $32 /buy voucher AND EITHER 3x Maestrean Keys OR 3x Elyssian Voting Cookies

2nd place: Mietm & Arcanium_1 - 219 votes

Reward: $24 /buy voucher AND EITHER 2x Maestrean Keys OR 2x...

Weekly Update: February Week Three!

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Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 12.22.25 AM.png
Valentine's Day Arena!

Love is in the Air

It was Valentine's day only two days ago and I hope you all had a wonderful and romantic time with your partner! Unless if you're like me and ate candy and sweets alone, which is fun as well. Playing Maestrea is super enjoyable but make sure to spend time with your loved ones!



You will no longer hear the sound of players killing withers!
Restarting will be much smoother since the plugin has been updated to run /kickall.

Jobs Updates:
Rancher: cows: +20% exp, pigs: +25% exp, horses: +25% exp, polar bears: +10% exp, llamas: +10% exp, ocelots: +20% exp, wolves: +20% exp, sheep: +20% exp, and parrots: +30% money +10% exp.
Miner: stone: +15% exp...

Weekly Update: January Week Four & February Week One!

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Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 11.18.02 PM.png
Town: DeepHere
Mayor: siminator50

A New Month Has Begun...

Hello everyone! I hope you all have been doing well lately. I apologize for the absence of a weekly update, so I'll be updating you all of what happened over the last two weeks! A lot of stuff recently happened but don't worry, it's all good things x3



Daily restarts are set to happen automatically:
Maestrea & Elyssia: 11:00 CET (5 AM EST)
Lobby: 11:30 CET (5:30 AM EST)
Dungeons: 11:00 CET (5 AM EST) & 23:00 CET (5 PM EST)
Resource and Market: 12:00 CET (6AM EST)

Fixed boosters not counting towards jobs limit and sometimes being ran twice on the payment...​

Weekly Update: January Week Two

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Town: Fiska
Mayor: djclay

Winter is here...

Finally, Winter has arrives, and it is showing no mercy already. Here on the East Coast of the United States, we're getting blanketed. I can actually watch the snow falling as I type this, which is quite the nice view. But whether or not we get 3 or 30 inches, Maestrea isn't going to stop because of a little snow! Here are your weekly updates:


Updated our chat plugin to another plugin that has more options:
Working /ignore command that ignores cross server messages
Better formatting for town and nation chat
Overall better chat handling and cross server communication
New channel handling...

Weekly Update: January Week One!

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Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 12.42.14 PM.png
Town: DeepSea
Mayor: X_Storm
Builder: SteveKrass

It's 2019!

Hey everyone! Hope all you lovelies had an amazing Christmas and New Years! Good luck to all of you who have New Years resolutions. I know I'll need the good luck xD I probably won't be able to continue them for a month. A lot of you are probably saying "new year new me" but don't change too much about yourselves D= y'all are amazing and it wouldn't be the same without the wonderful community =D



Added /kit newyear, which will give a relic charm! If you got one be sure not to right click it!
This kit is no longer...

Top Voters - December 2018

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Greetings all Maestreans!
HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL! May your 2019 bring upon all kinds of joy and be 100x better than 2018! Hopefully those of you at the legal drinking age are feeling okay after the celebrations :)

Thanks to everyone for voting and supporting the server once again this November!

1st place: Flammablezeus - 210 votes

Reward: $32 /buy voucher AND 3x Maestrean Keys

2nd place: jediknight95 - 208 votes

Reward: $24 /buy voucher AND 2x Maestrean Keys

3rd place: Arcanium_1 - 190...

Weekly Update: December Week 5!

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Town: Raleighshire
Mayor: Antsor

The New Year Fast Approaches...

I joined Maestrea way back in 2016, which honestly feels like a lifetime ago. Nevertheless, I've stuck around for all these years, taking a few breaks but mostly staying active. Now, 2019 is already almost here, and it makes me realize that I must really love Maestrea to stay around this long :cool:. Anyways, enough about me, time to see all of the awesome updates!



Fixed some mistakes in the Donor perks & Commands menus

Updated /Staff

Recently added Faq shortcuts:
/Scrolls /Commands /Donor & /Donator /Ticket

Added 6 New Relics (3 from Holiday Relics Suggestion Event)

Removed Health Boost...​

Top Voters - November 2018

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Greetings all Maestreans!
Hopefully you all had a good Thanksgiving(if you celebrate it!) and survived Black Friday(It was close for me).

Thanks to everyone for voting and supporting the server once again this November!

1st place: jediknight95 - 212 votes

Reward: $32 /buy voucher AND 3x Maestrean Keys

2nd place: dlav - 211 votes

Reward: $24 /buy voucher AND 2x Maestrean Keys

3rd place: FlammableZeus and Zoena - 210 votes...​

Top Voters - October 2018

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Greetings all Maestreans!
Hopefully you all survived the spooks and scares of Halloween! But it isn't over because the Halloween Event is still running on Dungeons (/warp HalloweenEvent)!

Thanks to everyone for voting and supporting the server once again this September!

1st place: Mietm - 222 votes

$32 /buy voucher AND 3x Maestrean Keys

2nd place: CanadlanBacon & Nonst3- 219 votes

$24 /buy voucher AND 2x Maestrean Keys


Rank rework & Private Islands

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Hey Maestreans!
If you're been on for the last hour or so you might have noticed some of your store rank perks have changed, and don't worry, it's intentional.
We've decided to go back on some things we changed, regarding the eula compliance and essentially undo the eula change.
We discussed among the voters (discord role, check it out on our discord), admins and staff and it's been finalized and implemented.
Sorry for not giving you guys a heads up. but we felt it would be easier to change it all and then post about it afterwards.

To fix the issue with some people having ranks from pre-eula and post-eula we've added some more ranks as a seperate rank ladder and moved everyone over there depending on what rank/s you had.

Additionally, the perks gotten from contributor has been added to champion, and any time you had on contributor has been moved over to champion!

The new ranks looks like this:...

Top Voters - September 2018

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Greetings all Maestreans!
Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all! Time for spooks and scares as we enter the traumatising month of October! Halloween, skeletons, exams and joys.

Thanks to everyone for voting and supporting the server once again this September!

1st place: X_Storm - 213 votes

$32 /buy voucher AND 3x Maestrean Keys

2nd place: Zoena - 208 votes

$24 /buy voucher AND 2x Maestrean Keys

3rd place: Mietm & jediknight95 - 206 votes...

IMPORTANT An Unwanted Beginning

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Hi Maestreans, we have some upsetting news.

When we did the server transfer we came to the unfortunate realization that our hourly backups have been crashing due to a rate limit we did not know about.
The database somehow got wiped, and we have no backups. This was in no way intentional and was a mix of several things going wrong at the same time.

This means: Jobs, LWC, Achievements, McMMO, Ranks (Donor and in-game), Permissions, Titles you've used & Towny data (Towns, residents, plots) has been deleted. Even on Skyblock.
What wasn't deleted: The world, items(inventories, backpacks, enderchests), Skyblock islands and challenges.

While we were determining our options we found that a hard reset would have to happen in the future to update to 1.13. More information about this can be found here.

We also found that the cons outweighed the pros on keeping...

Weekly Update: July Week Three

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Town: Slire
Mayor: shambalamba

Come one, Come all!

Here for an (un)limited time, the Maestrean carnival! Enjoy the thrill of rides held together with a single screw, see the amazing half-woman, half-giraffe, and most importantly, all the cotton candy you can eat! "Didn't Sideshow take over the Carnival" you say? Nonsense! These fairgrounds are still family fun in the fading sun! Bring your friends, bring your family, and bring your souls smiles!
This advertisement paid for by the Midnight Carnival Commitee



Weekly Update: July Week Two

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Town: Haven
Mayor: Impulse6yt7

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle...

No one sleeps tonight! That's right, this is your late breaking news, here with the coolest duck around. Better than breakfast in bed or chilling in your PJs all day, we've got the best collection of all the updates, fixes and content around! So, let's let sleeping dogs lie, and get right to it, the Weekly Update!
A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh...



Fixed Prestige 2 peasant not increasing their /trashchest limit

Added 1x /condensechest to Prestige 1...​

Weekly Update: June Week Four AND July Week One

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Credit to the Build Team for the spectacular work on all new challenge boss arenas!
Enderius Arena featured above

A Challenger Approaches!

You may be wondering, "Why did we not get last Sunday's update?" Well, two reasons. One, I went on vacation and got some rest. Two, we released so much stuff last weekend, fixed so many bugs this week, and overall had sooo much going on that we decided to just have a super awesome mega DOUBLE post this week!
For those of you celebrating Independence day this week, you could say we wanted to kick off the Summer Brawl event with a BANG (that somehow blew up last week's updates. That's reasonable, right?)

Brace yourselves, the updates are coming!
(Updates kept in order of release for clarity)

[COLOR=rgb(124, 112...​

July Build Competition!

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Hello Maestreans!

We hope you all enjoyed the previous build competition, and congratulations to Remittetur for their paw-some first place build, as well as everyone who participated!

Summer is always full of new adventures, thus,

The theme of the July Build Competition is going to be...


The Build Event will go from July 1st to July 16th!
Event is now live!

(image credit goes to Hypixel's 'Wrath of the Fallen' map preview♥)

This theme allows you to construct your dream adventure! From sailing the Black Sea in search of treasure, to exploring a hidden cavern -- this theme lets you...

Top Votes - June 2018

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Greetings all Maestreans!
Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all! We hope everyone has enjoyed their time playing yet another great and content filled month here at Maestrea, and can you believe it? Glad everyone has still had time to vote while duking it out against all the new and great dungeon content!

Thanks to everyone for voting and supporting the server once again this June!

1st place: DuckZuckerberg - 211 votes

$32 /buy voucher AND 3x Maestrean Keys

2nd place: Zoena - 205 votes

$24 /buy voucher AND 2x Maestrean Keys


Dungeon Quests: MDT Chapter Three

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Attention all Agents, report for duty immediately!


We've received reports of some mysterious figures lurking around a nearby volcano. It's up to you figure out what they're up to, and bring an end to it.

Your Senior Agent might not be able to join you, but don't worry: We've got just the thing for the job.
With an upgrade to your previous radio, you can keep in touch with your mentor, and even keep track of your current objectives.
(Note: D3 takes place primarily through the use of this new radio feature! If for some reason you lose it, you MUST restart, or contact an Admin.)

As this Dungeon is more dangerous, you will be required to rank up to Field Agent to ensure you've recieved ample training.

But most importantly, be on the look out for signs of Black Nova, a criminal organization on the rise...​

The Summer of the Dungeon Brawling Update PART I

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G'day Maestreans!

Earlier this month, you may have seen this little sneak peak.
After many months of hard work, we are proud to unveil:

The Summer of the Dungeon Brawling Update PART I
Our biggest dungeons update to date.
(for a more succinct version of this update, please check our #updates on Discord)


New Challenge Bosses!
We've added 3 new unique and powerful foes to the current rogues' gallery of challenge bosses.

The Fabled...

Weekly Update: June Week Three

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Town: Velka
Mayor: HedgieDog

Argggh, Matey!

We be plundering the seas in search of the finest treasures! Me hearties and I be bringing ye landlubbers our bounties of updates, fixes and new content! So hoist the anchor, mate, we're setting sail into the Weekly Update!



Voting went through some temporary difficulties, but should be working now. If you lost any votes please contact an Admin!

Cosmetically changed all crates! They now have sounds upon opening, cleaner "received" messages, better looking preview items & more...​
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