Rank rework & Private Islands

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Hey Maestreans!
If you're been on for the last hour or so you might have noticed some of your store rank perks have changed, and don't worry, it's intentional.
We've decided to go back on some things we changed, regarding the eula compliance and essentially undo the eula change.
We discussed among the voters (discord role, check it out on our discord), admins and staff and it's been finalized and implemented.
Sorry for not giving you guys a heads up. but we felt it would be easier to change it all and then post about it afterwards.

To fix the issue with some people having ranks from pre-eula and post-eula we've added some more ranks as a seperate rank ladder and moved everyone over there depending on what rank/s you had.

Additionally, the perks gotten from contributor has been added to champion, and any time you had on contributor has been moved over to champion!

The new ranks looks like this:...

Server Merchandise

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Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a great week so far and exams are going well, just sharing some great news for the server!
We've been approved for Tebex Merchandise, it's a partner program with the people behind Buycraft allowing us to sell Merchandise!

So far, we've added 2 products (Mousepad and unisex t-shirt) but we'll be adding some more in the future.
The process for ordering is simple, go to our store : and order it like you'd order anything else.

Here's some generated pictures of them:

I'll be ordering some myself to get some better pictures for the store and to test the quality, but feel free to buy some if you feel like it :)

New Brewer job!

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We're added a new brewer job!

Simply join it, make some brews and submit them at the brew trader found at /warp bar.

The way it works is that each brew has a value dependent on the difficulty of the brew.
bad variants of brews aren't accepted, decently made brews and good brews are accepted where the good variants are more valuable,
dependent on the value you get, the more you get paid in the job
(each value represents crafting a bedrock in /jobs info brewer)

We might do some changes to the job to balance it so be aware that any values now, aren't final.
Tutorial on brewing...
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