Top Voters - May 2018

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Greetings all Maestreans!
Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all! We hope everyone has enjoyed their time playing yet another great and content filled month here at Maestrea, and can you believe it? Halfway through 2018 already and it's Summertime (unless you're Australian like me and you've copped the freezing Winter)! Time really does fly when you're having fun :)

Thanks to everyone for voting and supporting the server once again this May!

1st place: LifeOfDeap & lewapro - 222 votes

Reward: $32 /buy voucher AND 3x Maestrean Keys


Weekly Update: May Week Four

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Town: Mystras
Mayor: Tussi071

Things are Heating Up on Maestrea!

And we've got the perfect blend of updates to keep you on the cutting edge of all the things going on around the server. Want new relics? Check out the new challenge! Want to know what else Content team is working on? See their agenda below! Summer break may be around the corner, but for Maestrea, it's out of the frying pan and into the fire with awesome new content being spiced up for your refined tastes!



Thanks to the Mythic Mob team...​

Server Downtime May 25th - RESOLVED

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We're experiencing some issues with some of our plugins, causing severe lag which makes playing near impossible. I regretfully announce that the server will indefinitely experience some downtime. There is currently no ETA, but we are working to resolve this ASAP.

Hang in there everyone, we'll keep you posted here or on our Discord!

Meanwhile, join us on Discord! We have a direct update / announcement log to keep track of this as it happens, memes and other fun things to make the time go by faster!
Click here to join our Discord


[COLOR=rgb(234, 160...​

Weekly Update: May Week Three

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Town: DeepSea
Mayor: X_Storm

It's National Be A Millionaire Day!

A day of savings and money making, what better day to celebrate on Maestrea? Our features and fixes are as ever-changing as our economy, so be sure to check out the treasure-trove of updates we have for you this week!
Source: The Word "Millionaire" Is Way Newer Than You Think



Cleared several permanently banned players from the /mctop list

Fixed so excavation pays for jobs (you get half the pay)

Re-added excavation 2 Time to mine...​

Weekly Update: May Week Two

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Town: Junglebook
Mayor: ToasterNote

This Week's Forecast is...

Cloudy with a chance of Content! From a shady mist settling over us earlier this week, to cool new stuff, we've got the last info right here on Channel 4 Newstrea! Don't fret if this update seems a little light though. A quick peek at the Content Team Agenda may give you hints at what's to come :)



Lords+ now have access to /cmi ride or /ride

Server Merchandise

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Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a great week so far and exams are going well, just sharing some great news for the server!
We've been approved for Tebex Merchandise, it's a partner program with the people behind Buycraft allowing us to sell Merchandise!

So far, we've added 2 products (Mousepad and unisex t-shirt) but we'll be adding some more in the future.
The process for ordering is simple, go to our store : and order it like you'd order anything else.

Here's some generated pictures of them:

I'll be ordering some myself to get some better pictures for the store and to test the quality, but feel free to buy some if you feel like it :)

Weekly Update: May Week One

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Town: New_Market
Mayor: MrFr0styy

It's Dangerous To Go Alone!

A line that started one of the most memorable quests of our time, and now the headline to this week's update! Which is fitting, when the Content team has a lot to say this week. But that's not all, we've got plenty to share that don't involve monster bashing (Though arguably not as fun). No matter the strength of your adventurous spirit, we hope you enjoy yet another week of Maestrea Mash ups!


Full Post and details available on Discord

New Challenge Boss loot system implemented! After a Challenge Boss is defeated a Reward Chest will appear in the spot...​

Dungeon Quests: MDT Chapter Two

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Attention MDT Agents, we have a new mission for you!


There have been disturbances reported within the Ice Caverns, and it's up to you to check them out
Not to worry though! Agent Lauren, a Senior MDT Agent, will be along to help out.

This Dungeon Quest includes a unique brew, a special Quest-Exclusive boss, and a few other exciting features to make this addition to the MDT story even more exciting than the last!

Be advised that this Dungeon is harder than Dungeon 1, as are the Quests, so be sure to come prepared to tackle the baddies within the caverns.

With this update also comes the ability to (finally) rank up!

You'll need to head into the ice caverns yourself to discover all the surprises in store for those brave enough to act on behalf of MDT.

Note: Dungeons is...

Top Voters - April 2018

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Greetings all Maestreans!
Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all! We hope everyone has enjoyed their time playing yet another great and content filled month here at Maestrea.

Thanks to everyone for voting and supporting the server once again this April!

1st place: Arcanium_1 - 207 votes

Reward: $32 /buy voucher AND 3x Maestrean Keys

2nd place: Zoena - 202 votes

Reward: $24 /buy voucher AND 2x Maestrean Keys

3rd place: ZUBiX_ &...

Weekly Update: April Week Five

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Did you get to take on the Brewmaster?

Cheers, Mate!

Around here, we have only the finest updates for your enjoyment. Each batch is brewed fresh daily, and is sure to make you smile! Pour yourself a glass, toast to Maestrea's continued greatness, and indulge in some hand crafted fixes, new content and more.



Added a 4 second cooldown to /disenchant as it was being used up towards 300 times a minute certain times and causing lag

Caps filter will no longer check /msg and /r.

Issue with main/dungeons jobs has been fixed

Added Staff in /tut...​

The Maestrea Workers Have Arrived!

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Hey Everyone! We hope you've been having fun with all the new content that has been released over the last few weeks, from the new brewery job to the new dungeon to the new relics! We on the staff and content team are always working hard to release new and exciting content for the server, and we are proud to present our newest addition to the server, the Maestrea Worker NPC! We are finalizing some last minute issues with the plugin and it should be released tomorrow!


These workers will help you gather job money and xp, even when you are not actually doing the job yourself! After you buy and pay a Maestrea Worker NPC (explained below), they will begin automatically working the job for you, without even moving! You are able to buy a total of 4 workers altogether from a new NPC who will be added to /spawn shortly!

A worker costs $100k and requires 100 total job levels, meaning the sum of all...

New Challenge Boss Loot System

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So recently I have grown very disliking of the current Challenge Boss loot system. It's rather unfair and rather discourages people to actually fight bosses because they won't actually get any of the rare drops because they have to give it to the person who has the token. Well this new system changes that!

What does this new system do? Well when you kill a boss it will spawn a Reward Chest (Which is actually a mob cause I can't use blocks but w/e you get the point) which everyone will be able to open (However only one person will be able to go at a time so it will take some time for everyone to get loot rolls) and after you open it you are teleported to spawn so the next person can open it and get loot rolls.

- Everyone will get their own loot rolls and this means everyone can finally get a chance at rare loot! No longer will you have to worry about buying a token and hoping someone will get the drop to give to you!
- Will eliminate people stealing rare drops as they will...

Weekly Update: April Week Four

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Town: Dragons_Landing
Mayor: DragonSoleil

Happy Earth Day!

Did you know the first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd, 1970? After 48 years, it's still going strong, and is celebrated in over 192 countries!
Here on Maestrea, we're constantly building a better server (Though luckily, we have Vacuum for our litter) that everyone can enjoy for a long time to come. Take some time today to read through what's gone on in the past week, and remember that we all have to do our part to preserve our planet!



End crystals have been disabled in /shop, due to them...​

New Brewer job!

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We're added a new brewer job!

Simply join it, make some brews and submit them at the brew trader found at /warp bar.

The way it works is that each brew has a value dependent on the difficulty of the brew.
bad variants of brews aren't accepted, decently made brews and good brews are accepted where the good variants are more valuable,
dependent on the value you get, the more you get paid in the job
(each value represents crafting a bedrock in /jobs info brewer)

We might do some changes to the job to balance it so be aware that any values now, aren't final.
Tutorial on brewing...

April Build Competition Winners!

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Hey Everyone!
The April Outer Space/The Universe Themed Build Event is over and the winners are in!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and be sure check the forums as we will be announcing the next build event in a couple of days!
Please contact either Me (yalez95) or Jare ingame for your rewards!

First Place goes to HavockStorm for their outta this world build!

They win 1 Maestrea key, 1 Title Key and a $15 voucher. In addition, Havockstorm is now the first player on the server to win the monthly build competition twice! Congrats Havock!

Second Place goes to...

Weekly Update: April Week Three

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Town: GrimmCorp
Mayor: TheColorGrimm


That's right, you there! With the block! You look like you need some updates in your life. Well good news, bud, we've got plenty of them right here! What's that? Why are we yelling? Because we're excited!
At long last, just under a year from the release of the previous dungeon, Dungeon 6 has been released! Whoa!
We've also got a revamped "Community Spotlight" section that's definitely worth checking out. Read on to see all the awesomeness we've put together in this week's update, just for you!


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