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    A Little Giveaway ~WINNERS DRAWN~

    14i #26
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    IMPORTANT An Unwanted Beginning

    All the staff are working hard on getting it done ASAP. Although I don't know the extent of the issues that remain, i would guess the next day or so. I'm sure we all want a working server rather than a rushed one :)
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    IMPORTANT An Unwanted Beginning

    Honestly, I am looking forward to this reset. I think it will be a good thing for the server, we have all lost things, some more than others. As a builder, I have helped create a fair bit for the server, so all the work I have done for the server, and on it for myself, has been wiped. Yeah it...
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    shambalambas builder application

    Hi, shambalamba, Thank you for applying, we will review your application as a team. However personally, I have a few questions. Do you have any builds on this server or another we could see? What Build Team did you work with? Feel free to get back to me on discord if it's easier Thanks :)
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    Maestrea Build Battles

    The runner would be staff, and the idea behind giving them a weighted vote was to counteract such behavior. I should also clarify I'm not saying Mythic rewards should be available, I was thinking more about minor rewards that still hold value. Ofc the rewards would have to be decided by upper...
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    you ok buddy? Talk to someone if you aren't already :)

    you ok buddy? Talk to someone if you aren't already :)
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    Maestrea Build Battles

    Short Description: 5,10,15 and 30 min build battles in which players are allowed to compete against each other in a variety of themes that are judged by the event runner Long Description: This is a rough idea but thought id get the thought out there, in my days of moderating on a creative build...
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    Weekly Update: January Week Five

    Great work guys, and congrats Yalez!
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    Forum Game: Ruin a Wish!

    Granted: But the only classes you can take are Gender Studies, Anatomy of Dragonflies, and Video analysis of how YOU, yourself, were conceived. Wish: I wish that i got more wishes
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    Tran's Build App

    Like the app, think you have a good chance, some constructive criticism though; Think in some builds you may be lacking depth thus making them look a little too square, this in turn it also limits your ability to add effective detail. would recommend in future planning builds for good depth so...
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    CommonSentence's Builder Application

    Very Nice, would be a great asset to the team
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    _PixelTrash's Builder Application

    Could you upload them too? Thanks :D
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    _PixelTrash's Builder Application

    Hi, Thanks for applying, do you have any more builds you could show us?
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    Tp-Kill xStarlight and KoocieDough - Tp Kill

    Anyone gonna look at this?????
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