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    Weight watchers Butter

    Hello dear Maestreans, it's been a while but I have a Question/ a life changing tip to yall, which has changed my life completely from the top to the bottom. So last Week I was in the supermarket, and bought some stuff. I had butter on my list, so I went to the butter section and grabbed the...
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    If You Could Know The Absolute And Total Truth To One Question, What Question Would You Ask?

    If You Could Know The Absolute And Total Truth To One Question, What Question Would You Ask?
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    That's be awesome!
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    The Because I Feel Nice Giveaway! <3

    @TMSStudent3 it's over already I believe xD
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    Skyblock Content Application

    Good luck!
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    Maestrea Hoppers

    That makes sense to me Foxyguy, yeah let's see what Tribe says
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    Hello Hello, I am glad to announce to everybody, that the SOR Nation Spawn has finally opened for all Nation Members! Check /n spawn out to get there! You are not a part of the Nation? You can of course check our spawn out /pwarp Sor ! Wanna join our Nation no problem ask these persons, if...
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    Maestrea Twitch Drops

    daaaamn I should get my Twitch ready!
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    Maestrea Hoppers

    Ah alright good to know, yeah what I also figured, is that basically the only really think that breaks the Item Filter ingame, is that the Hoppers take more than 1 Item per tick out of an other Hopper. So what if it would just take 1 Item from the Hopper (as in Vanilla) but just do that all...
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    HoudiniJD's Content Application

    In-Game Name: HoudiniJD Age: 16 In-game rank: Emperor, Prestige I - Titan Date Joined: Aug 3, 2018 Do you have Discord: Yes I do, Houdini#8472 Timezone/Country: Germany, CEST Earlier ban reasons: pre-reset: Tp-Killing, Lying to a Staff Member. What Content Team you...
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    Maestrea Hoppers

    What Plugin are the Skyblock Hoppers using?
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    Maestrea Hoppers

    Ill ask in the Spigot forum for a Solution maybe they find something which doesn't use so much Performance ;o
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    Maestrea Hoppers

    Yeah that would work greatly, but not in my case, where I have another Hopper under that Chest, to expand the capacity. It's hard to explain, the Item Filter I used all the time in Vanilla is just not working anymore.. =(
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    Maestrea Hoppers

    Well would there be another option? I get that Hoppers are the issue obv. Is there something similar just with Chests maybe? Basically just something that allowes to Modify Chests. What can go in and what can't. Or would that likely be the same Issue as named before?
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    Maestrea Hoppers

    Ah alright ;P So that Hoppers not work as usual is due to Server Performance if I get that right?
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