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    Monthly Update: March

    March Monthly Update Welcome back to another Monthly Update! Note: If you see orange text in the update notes, clicking it will take you to the related forums post or wiki page! »»---------------------------------¤---------------------------------«« Towny Pets have now been added! Fixed...
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    Pot of gold ENCORE Winner!

    Hey all, thank you all for participating, I announced the winners live from discord at 3 PM EST today. The winner is... JARE I know, it's kind of... underwhelming, I know. But the rules were fair, I will link the excel sheet along with the formula to calculate the winner in the discord...
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    Sarahmigo's Content Application

    Oh!!!! Best of luck sarah!
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    St. Patrick's Pot of Gold... ENCORE! (Player-run event)

    One day until the event closes!!! Total pot: 22M!!! Let's make it to 25!!
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    St. Patrick's Pot of Gold... ENCORE! (Player-run event)

    There has been 15 new donations!!! The new total is now $22,000,000!!!
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    March Meme Relic Wave

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    St. Patrick's Pot of Gold... ENCORE! (Player-run event)

    St. Patrick's Pot of Gold Hey all! As we all know, this year's pot of gold was rigged, Dream and I witnessed it. I found out during this amazing event that St. Patrick's isn't all about greed, so I decided to organize a quick player-run event, so let me introduce... POT OF GOLD ENCORE I...
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    Relic Suggestion Event!

    Name: Number 15 (&a&lN&2&lumber &e&l&n&o15) Material: Kelp Charm: True Lore: Number 15: Burger King foot lettuce. The last thing you'd want in your Burger King burger is someone's foot fungus. But as it turns out, that might be what you get. Potion effects: Nausea II, Strength II, When active...
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    New Feature! PETS

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    St. Patrick's Day Event 2021

    So. Many. Things to do!!! Can't wait to participate!!!
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    Why is Kl0zer an impostor, and you will never tell.

    I'm working on a part two, expect news to come very soon!
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    Maestrea Events: What's coming!

    Great roadmap! Can't wait to see it all!!
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    Jotarome's Helper Application

    Rank: Helper In-game name: Jotarome Age: 21 in-game Rank (use /rank): Demigod Date Joined (check /res date): 06.13.2020 Do you have discord? (if yes, include your name): Jotarome#1468 Timezone/country: Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-3), Canada Earlier punishments (warns, bans, on...
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