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    BenLW Ban Appeal

    Hi there, Ben! We already know how you abused the glitch, that's why you were banned. We've already returned the items and removed most of the chests in LakeHaven due to the extent and amount of time you abused this glitch. We appreciate that you are sorry for arguing with us, but that you were...
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    BenLW Ban Appeal

    Unfortunately, your recollection differs with the logs on the server. The means of how you accessed these chests is the bug, the areas were not unclaimed and if you cannot be honest with us we have no choice but to deny your appeal at this time. This is will now have to be a learning...
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    BenLW Ban Appeal

    Neither of these areas were wilderness. They are well within the town borders.
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    BenLW Ban Appeal

    The most recent incident you took items belonging to Moondom within the town borders of Lunar. The incident before that, you took items belonging to Juno_MacGuff from within the town borders of Vlandia.
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    BenLW Ban Appeal

    Hi there, Ben! As you may or may not be aware, we use towny as a means for players to set up items in relative safety. You have, for a period of at least three months (and likely for much, much longer) been abusing mechanics to bypass town locks and permissions to take items that otherwise...
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    Offset Vote Rewards

    Not exactly. The rewards are actually different because Maestrea keys and common keys don't exist/don't work on skyblock. So the rewards you earn on Skyblock are Skyblock focused and only work on Skyblock. The rewards you earn on Towny/Resource are Towny focused and only work on Towny. This...
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    Offset Vote Rewards

    An idea after thinking about events/rewards on Skyblock vs. Towny Offset the cumulative vote rewards for Towny and Skyblock, so that if a player plays both, it is possible to achieve rewards on both servers. It would require the player to be attentive to their vote counts, but could allow for...
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    Post Event Reflection

    Greetings Maestreans! I'll make this short! We are looking for feedback on our most recent event. In order to sweeten your desire to complete this survey (read: bribe) - we are offering $5000 in-game cash to everyone who submits the survey (with correct IGN) as well as the chance to be...
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    Top Voters - December 2020

    Greetings Maestreans! Thank you all for voting and supporting the server in the month of December! With all your help (and votes), our community tree reached all 7500 fir food! 1st place: NotAllstar - 223 votes Reward: $32 /buy voucher AND EITHER 3x Maestrean Keys OR 15 Skyblock Rift keys...
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    January 2021 Build Event

    Welcome to the January 2021 Build Event! This month's theme is... AUSTRALIA! In honor of Australia Day on January 26, we are going down under with our build event! Celebrate our Ozzies with your best Minecraft interpretation of Australia! Deadline is January 21st. - Plots sizes are set...
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    Winners of the December 2020 Build Event!

    The Votes for the December 2020 Build Event are in! The theme was 'Snowglobes' Congratulations to the Winners Below!! Make a ticket on the discord or contact an Admin in-game to receive your rewards! In First place, we have... IrrelevantNick & IrrelevantAshley They win the ( Architect Title or...
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    Holiday Event 2020 Going Out With A Bang!

    Post best viewed in dark mode The excitement in Maestrea was growing. A New Year was around the corner and Mayor Trumbull and his friends had just one more treat to share with the people who saved them from the Mob Alliance. He knew they could all say thank you with one final, explosive...
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    Holiday Event 2020 Part 5!

    Mayor Trumbull looked around the bunker and sighed. It didn't seem like he or his village was going to be able to get out of this hopeless situation any time soon. All he'd wanted was a safe place for his little village to grow and flourish, and he'd inadvertently brought the Mob Alliance ever...
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    Holiday Event 2020 Part... I don't even know anymore

    post best viewed in dark mode It was a remarkably still night. The snow was still falling, the animals in the barn had gone to sleep, but Trumbull was restless. There had been strange noises coming from the north for several nights. Beth told him she saw something flying in the air, over the...
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    Holiday Event 2020 - Part the third

    page best viewed in dark mode The snow that had been falling since their arrival still came down, lending a magical air to their new home. Mayor Trumbull smiled as he looked around his new house, the house that this little community had so generously helped him build. Beth (and Nelly) were...
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