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    marriage plugin

    Perhaps if marriage plugin or marriage chat had its own channel and any chat outside of this channel about it or its relating drama was a 2 month auto mute. mabie then. just mabie. .. Alternatively i would perfer a map art plug in where you could consume blocks to make mapart without actually...
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    Project Drowning

    Best wishes with those issues. keep safe.
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    Give more visual appeal to Relic

    Thanks for the info. that sounds much easier than grinding dungeons.
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    Give more visual appeal to Relic

    I fixed the original post. Sorry for the vagueness.
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    Give more visual appeal to Relic

    So.. the newly released items and gear in announcements: Do they only drop in Dungeons? If so, i really need to start becoming a Dungeonieeperson. The names are enticingly awesome. But they are under 'Towny Arcana List'.... so do they drop from mobs that rove out and about in the Towny wild?
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    Slow Down.

    I just love building things in Towny. Its just awesome.
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    Sea Pickles in spawn!

    Thanks for the Pickles. It really Kelps with the Asthetics!
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    /Warp Blocks

    Ive won the ender blocks before but just because those with better gear were not on at the time. (or the other person was kind enough to let me win) My pick is slow on the ender block but fast on other blocks. Its more than just ping. Its a combo of gear, ping and opportunity. You also have...
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    Project Drowning

    Can you post old photos of it ... Please?
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    Suggested Raiding Rule

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    One Year Anniversary Giveaway

    IGN Morainemac I have fond memories or you running past me at spawn. Felt like a caught a glimpse of a Celeberity walk down my street.
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    Seed Trader

    Perhaps, make the seed trader like Blocks, in that you trade in a huge quantity of seeds and then get a key or crate or some reward. It would be a seed sink.
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    March Brew Update - Come Test Your Luck with New Mystery Brews!

    @Pinkjemm If its Aleing you that much, You better Hops-to=it.
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    New York City is Recruiting!

    screenshots of your nongrid system please?
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    TribeBlock Grand opening IGN giveaway!

    IGN: Morainemac
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