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    New York City is Recruiting!

    screenshots of your nongrid system please?
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    TribeBlock Grand opening IGN giveaway!

    IGN: Morainemac
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    Torches to Lanters

    Short description: Change Torches to Lanterns. Long description: At the server hub were shady and warp crates and all the fun happens.. upgrade the Torches to Lanterns. This ones for the build team. Go build team! How is it beneficial: Lanterns look nicer than torches. Lanterns can hang or sit...
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    Daytime beds.

    Short description: Beds to make the day time go by faster. Long description: It could just be my inner vampire.... Perhaps a bed that makes the day time go by faster please? Only the color BLACK bed will do this. All other beds make the night go by faster. How is it beneficial: Mob hunting is...
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    Daily Taxes

    While were on the topic of Money Sinks... how much does the headshop and or other shops/npc's take out of the economy? Just curious. ---- From a marketing perspective i would say diversify money sinks away from taxes into other things that people buy or pay for... its always better to say...
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    Plugin Suggestion

    When i read 'stock market plugin' in legolas0011's post, i was thinking that the stocks would be based on server statistics. Perhaps something custom could be implemented. since its calculated based on previous days statistics and not realtime, i do not think it would cause lag. Example of...
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    Moonbreak is Open for Residents!

    If i wasnt so heavily invested in completed builds in my current town, then Moonbeam Moonrainbow Moonbreak would be a awesome town for me. Yourock . Keep up the excellent townyness you got going on there.
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    Other Flight Boot glitch while walking

    THankyou. Boots recieved. You guys dont get enough thankyous for the work you do. Ill not do any more walking and wearing with these in resource. :)
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    Other Flight Boot glitch while walking

    In-game name:Morainemac Items lost: Diamond flightboots with mending lost while walking. (Proof/Explanation): I was walking in resource 4063/67/2794 when the clank sound of loosing my boots because they took damage while walking. i understand that these are not suppose to take damage while walking?
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    Brew Suggestion Thread

    Brew Name: VodkaRedcow ( Vodka&9&lR&f&le&9&ld&f&lC&9&lo&f&lW ) Changed name to Redcow for copyright. Ingredients: 30 Sugar, 10 Potatoes, 5 redbull (by Houd) Ferment Time: 30 Distill Runs: 4 Barrel Wood: Spruce Aging: 3 Mc days Alcohol: 10% Effects: Night Vision III for 5 Minutes, Speed III...
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    Short description: A hardcore survival map that resets every month/or x#ofweeks. Each reset there may be a different goal. Once you die you can not join the map to play until the map resets. Long description: Its a survival/pvp map/world that is hardcore mode, limited in map size. there is a...
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    Bridging Vanilla to Custom Crafting and Custom Enchants

    the recipe for the regular bottles is just an example. changing the ingredients to other items that are not easily farmed or custom items is a solution to the exploit concern . A map tree outlining the bridging of items and Custom Crafting and Custom Enchants would be the next step. then each...
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    An upgrade to /kits

    Is it possible to make the op kit armor expire? eg. 24 h or more after receiving /kit armor and the armor vanishes from inventory?
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    Brew Suggestion Thread

    Brewing sounds like pure liquid awesomeness in a glass coating of emotion. I already love fishing and mining and with the upcoming Building job i will have to seriously consider what i want to do or drop. Keep up the good work.
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