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    Better Dungeon Update Part 2 is HERE!

    Hello Fun! Goodbye exhaustion... i can’t wait to find nore about the new raid tiers! :D
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    Excitement is Brewing!

    What a start to the new year! :eek:
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    New Years Relics Update

    Awesome! Can't wait to collect them!:eek:
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    I was wrongfully banned

    Hey James, Thanks for appealing, regarding your appeal, as you can see here You did indeed use task bars which is a a feature of Minecraft as we know it. However, it is also known to not bring these items over to other servers as it can be seen as "exploitable". You have even admitted...
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    I can't wait till christmas...

    I can't wait till christmas...
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    Holiday Season Relics Event

    Name: Christmas Carole (&c&lChr&2&list&c&lmas &e&lCa&f&lro&e&lle) Charm: No Material: Music Disc: Blocks (music_disc_blocks) Lore: A holiday spirit dwells within you as you sing this cheerful song. Potion Effects: Speed 2, Strength, Night Vision Attributes: When on head: -2 to +2 Armor...
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    Skyblock Grand Opening!

    Can’t wait to try it out! :D
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    November 2019 - Maestrea Build Event

    Can’t wait to see all the amazing and creative builds you guys come up with! :D #TeamTrees
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    The Halloween Event 2019

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    Moonbreak is Open for Residents!

    Dream can finally use her towny plots ;)
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    Welcome to Camp Spooks (Halloween Mini Event)

    I can't wait to come! :D
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    Spooky, Scary, and Sweet Halloween Relics Event

    Name: &8&lBl&8ac&8&lk &f&lC&fa&f&lt's &4&l&nCu&4&nr&4&l&nse (Black Cat's Curse) Charm: Yes Material: Black Dye Lore: As their eyes pierce through you, they shriek and escape, leaving a souvenir. Is this a warning of misfortune? Potion Effects: Jump Boost 2 , Night Vision, Haste 3, Weakness 3...
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    Winners of the August 2019 Build Event!

    Congrats finally Dream! :p And all the winners! Thanks for participating last month’s build event. All the builds were a feast to gaze upon. I hope you attend October’s build event and I can’t wait to see what Extraterrestrial builds you guys come up with. :D
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    0001000 Ban Appeal

    "Please refrain from posting on ban appeals unless you're directly involved." - Wolf
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    Merric, The Dark One Complete Tutorial

    Thanks for teaching me your ways Taka :)
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