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    St. Patrick's Pot of Gold... ENCORE! (Player-run event)

    IGN: Blank__ "Good luck everyone, UwU" No seriously, 18.7 mil in total items/cash?! :eek: Good luck to everyone!
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    Full Archaic Relic List

    I needed this list for a while now so thank you Light for making the list! :D
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    Love is in the air...

    First event in 7 months for me, let's get it! Or should I say let's get it on? ;) I guess I'll be walking myself out today. P.S. Thank you Beckwa, Mietm, Houdini, Delusional and everyone who worked on it for the upcoming event! :D
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    Gina taylor borked?

    I can confirm that he entered the arena and couldn't finish the boss since it broke. IGN: Knightshft
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    A Year on Maestrea...

    I'm all for free stuff haha. Happy 1st Anniversary Klozer, hope to see to see you soon!
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    One Year Anniversary Giveaway

    IGN: Blank__ One of the fondest memories we had, I would say was you playing "How To Date A Magical Girl" (don't question it) and me watching it as we gave reactions to the story as it progresses. We had some nice laughs and some fun watching the characters being broken down (maybe literally). ;)
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    Skyblock St Patricks Day Event + Giveaway!

    IGN: Blank__ Gl everyone! May the pot of gold be with you.
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    Goodbye [For Good, This Time]

    Clippy, you have been in the community every since I joined the server back in December 2017 ( I still remember the random text that pops up whenever someone got the Jolly or Santa title.) You will always be part of Maestrean history, in many players and so is mine. I always enjoyed the times...
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    February Relic Release

    THIS FORUMS POST WAS SPONSORED BY: Raid Shadow Leggings In all seriousness, can't wait to get my hands on them :p
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    Valentine Event 2020

    I can't wait to spend my whole weekend on it o_O
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    Weekly Update: January Edition

    Thanks for the weekly update guys! Can't wait to read it :eek:
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    Better Dungeon Update Part 2 is HERE!

    Hello Fun! Goodbye exhaustion... i can’t wait to find nore about the new raid tiers! :D
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    Excitement is Brewing!

    What a start to the new year! :eek:
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    New Years Relics Update

    Awesome! Can't wait to collect them!:eek:
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    I was wrongfully banned

    Hey James, Thanks for appealing, regarding your appeal, as you can see here You did indeed use task bars which is a a feature of Minecraft as we know it. However, it is also known to not bring these items over to other servers as it can be seen as "exploitable". You have even admitted...
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