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    Nikko's Ban Appeal

    IGN: Nikko Reason for ban: Player Harassment Length of ban: Permanent Appeal: Had petty interactions with Kathy, I apologize, it was based on older confrontations. Will end contact immediately in both VC and in-game, and will also delete any homes relevant to this event. Proof(If needed)...
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    Ban Appeal

    I got banned because I purposefully did it with a macro bind. No nuker, like yours. Ask JD, he can back me up.
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    Nikko's Ban Appeal

    IGN: Nikko Reason for ban: CPS Above 80 (Auto Ban) Length of ban: Permanent Appeal: Did it as a joke, to beat the previous record set not 10 minutes before my ban at 800 CPS. Unfortunately, even with my amazing macroing skills, I could only manage a measly 97. It was a shameful display, as I...
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    Auction Fraud?

    I don't really agree. If you don't take the time to actually look at what you're bidding on, you shouldn't be surprised if you get a random item. Had he done anything to further convince a player it was an item that it was not, then yes, that should be punishable. But he simply auctioned...
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    Auction Fraud?

    As far as I know, it's not scamming technically unless they name it/say it's something other than what it is. It's a player's responsibility to check on the item they're bidding for, especially something as expensive as a summer pie. According to the rules: Auction scamming isn't allowed...
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    The Submerged Title - Our gift to you <3

    IGN: Nikko Can I exchange my submerged title for the Patriot title? Please? :D
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    Leifles Application

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    Ban appeal

    423.63 clicks per second? xD Could be a bug, dunno. They'll take a look and see, best of luck :)
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    Ban appeal

    Maybe, if you had the art of the deal, you could wiggle your way outta this one :D
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    Ban appeal

    Auto-ban for 60+ clicks per second is my best guess. (Though that sounds insanely fast even for an auto-clicker) Seems anti-cheat auto-banned you for using an auto-clicker of some sort while you were watching youtube. You should try harder to hide auto-clickers ;p (assuming that's what it is...
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    Anticheat blocks some of Schematica's actions because it believes you are cheating. In example; placing blocks rapidly, placing blocks not in your hand, placing blocks in a space you're not looking at, placing a block anywhere that you're not directly looking at, and inventory auto sorting...
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    Missing 48 pig spawners

    If the spawners were inside a town, that means someone had access to that plot and stole them. I don't think that's breaking the rules as it's the plot owner's responsibility. If the spawners were on unclaimed land, then they didn't break any rules.
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    New Title Idea!

    Maybe collect a large number of tomes and use them for a one-time trade of a title?
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    Any Book Readers Out There?

    It's indeed Mistborn, finished it last week. I really enjoyed it.
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    Any Book Readers Out There?

    Yup, that's how I feel. I launched into Brandon's original works recently, and haven't been disappointed so far. My only complaint is that he lacks the details that Robert put into the WoT. He described everything with incredible detail and imagery. Brandon seems to leave it up to the reader to...