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    YaboiOpO - Ban Appeal - Alt accounts

    IGN: YaboiOpO Reason for ban: Alt Accounts Length of ban: Perm Appeal: It's been 3 months since my last appeal, I made sure I would reflect on why my actions affect the server/commuinity e.g. using my girlfriends account for personal gain. I know it's not fair and this wasn't done with any...

    "2nd Ban Appeal" Appeal

    IGN: YaboiOpO & B00G13 Reason for ban: Alternate accounts for gain are not permitted Length of ban: PERM Appeal: Appealing recent ban appeal - 2nd Ban appeal I understand that the recommend period of time between appeals is usually at least a month but I wish to plead my case with a suggestion...

    2nd Ban appeal

    Also Discord ticket 2997 has been raised about this.

    2nd Ban appeal

    IGN: YaboiOpO & B00G13 Reason for ban: Alternate accounts for gain are not permitted Length of ban: PERM Appeal: Good evening, I've logged on today to find out i'm banned by Luna due to alt accounts. I've been banned in the past & fought this previously, see previous ban appeal. Ban Appeal...

    Christal's Halloween Giveaway

    IGN: YaboiOpO

    YaboiOpO's Streamer Application

    Rank Applying For: Streamer In-game name: YaboiOpO Age: 26 Date Joined (Check /res date): August 26th 2018 Do you have discord? (If yes, include your name): YaboiOpO#1337 Timezone/Country: UK Earlier Punishments (warns, bans, on other servers or on Maestrea): None as far as I can recall.... Alot...

    Mnotes are being removed please redeem them all!

    Will there be any replacement or no taxes now?

    Ban Appeal

    Currently she hasn't played properly since I started my project. She has chatted a bit in the past but not a constant chatter. Same for myself really. I only chat when I need something e.g. asking a question or market. Recently she's been paying money into the town instead. I needed the credits...

    Ban Appeal

    IGN: ONLYpureOWNAGE & B00G13 (Age: 1994) Reason for ban: Alternate accounts are not allowed Length of ban: Perm Appeal: This account is for my Girlfriend which she uses now and again. The town i'm apart of is for us which i'm making. We have the same IP as we have a fixed public IP & only one...
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    Aze & Wolf's daily lottery giveaway ;D

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    Mining with normal enchanted pickaxe - Server claims it has a Relic Socket empty

    Explanation: Mining with my pickaxe that has the following enchants on it Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Mending, Efficency V & Excavation I. Possible Fixes: Possibly Excavation enchant as it doesn't happen with any other pickaxes that don't have it. Sadly don't have another to replicate...
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    A Little Giveaway ~WINNERS DRAWN~

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    The Submerged Title - Our gift to you <3

    IGN: ONLYpureOWNAGE & B00G13
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