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    Christal's Halloween Giveaway

    IGN: pyrokarl
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    This server is so dead and nothing is being done

    People want to play exciting OP worlds. Nobody wants to play a perfectly balanced Tax accountants craft or Legal Proofreader craft game.
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    This server is so dead and nothing is being done

    The number one thing that brings players: More players. Adverts only help if there are people there to greet greet you, somewhere we can belong. There also has to be people playing to donate to the server for the adverts. People who do join don't stay if there are only a few sad saps playing...
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    Why is Kl0zer an impostor, and you will never tell.

    You are the weakest link, goodbye.
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    This server is so dead and nothing is being done

    So, true. Instead of trying to put up road blocks to the fun and nerfing everything for the sake of a couple elite players, there should be changes for freedom. This feels like East Germany before the walls came down. The Stasi will probably go on the offense now though. Let's make Mae great...
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    Arcana Suggestion Thread

    Why can't we re-roll Arcanas; since Arcanas have random stats like Relics, cost as much as relics, there is arcanna essence, etc ? Does it plan on being added soon? This seems to be a major oversight and yet another reason people bash the new Elyssia all day.
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    Shut down Elyssia and replace it with something popular

    The same could be said of skyblock and creative. Replace it with anything raunchy to attract loads of a lower class of people. Preferably non moderated with as much swearing nudity and vile corruption as possible. If you make people sign an e-waiver before joining, sure to be popular.
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    One Year Anniversary Giveaway

    IGN: pyrokarl
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    Skyblock St Patricks Day Event + Giveaway!

    IGN: pyrokarl Sure would be nice if the leprechauns left toilet paper, all the stores near me are sold out!
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    Seed Trader

    Good idea Meuh. Seeds for snickers bars, Down with vegetables!
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    Donor Ranks dont work?

    There should be records of the knight purchase in buycraft even from 2 years ago. Make a ticket on discord.
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    Lets see your Maestrea Stations!

    No station is complete without stuffed animals! I have my lego knights and star wars above where I play, though the old laptop is nothing to look at.
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    Relic Suggestion Thread

    Way too OP. For balance add blindness, nausea, and of course mining fatigue.
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    Pre-Nerf Sterling Rapiers

    So, if you have a crap pre-nerf its a good deal... maybe. If you don't turn it in, the mod mafia gets involved with an offer you can't refuse. Hmmm
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    Relic Chisel Remover

    A craftable charm remover would be awesome.
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