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    Ban Appeal

    Ban Appeal Rincooder Ban Appeal No. Stop making appeals. Your forums account is now subject for deletion. The appeal process does not work this way. You lied, were disrespectful twice and then, once confronted with more than solid evidence attempted a different approach. All chances you had of...
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    Ban appeal I already did, the last reply on this post. However to reiterate. No. You exploited and even attempted to solicit a staff member into helping you exploit more. Denied. Thread closed.
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    Other Every restart I loose

    It was explained to you that mobs de-spawn, we're constantly upgrading and changing and refining plugins etc to improve performance and combat lag, so, it is indeed very possible a change or refinement caused them to de-spawn. As for the "doesn't want to fix the missing animals" I waited one...
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    Luke's Builder Application

    Application accepted! :) Please contact an admin to begin your promotion process. Thread closed.
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    Isoceles's Builder Application

    Application denied. Thread closed.
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    Discord unmute

    Not yet. Appeal denied, thread closed.
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    Ban appeal

    Hey Lacoste6208, apologies for the delay. Thank you for taking the time to make an appeal. It's been decided you'll be given a second chance. Before rejoining the server please take time to check out these helpful links and be sure to read them carefully as any further rule breaking will lead...
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    Sammich ;D

    Sammich ;D
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    Future plans for Elyssia

    Please keep all posts within this thread relevant to the topic at hand and appropriate. We're here to discuss Elyssia, not argue.
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    Future plans for Elyssia

    Update soon :)
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    Move Lumberjack job to Resource Server

    Lumberjack does not contribute to all of the lag on the server please refrain from generalizing, grinder based jobs are considerably more laggy in that element. Treefeller is only lag inducing if certain variables are met, it's not inherently Tps crippling as a standalone mechanic, it's effect...
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    Weekly Update: July Week Four

    Awesome update taka! :)
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    Winners of the July 2019 Build Event!

    Congrats :) A ton of really awesome builds!
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    Job levels reset

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