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    Weekly Update: January Week Two

    Awesome update as always clip ;D
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    Player of the year 2018 winner

    Hello everyone! I'm proud to announce @TribeMan as the winner of player of the year! Tribeman has maintained a strong, positive and always helpful presence for several years on Maestrea, anyone that knows him can agree he is an awesome guy! I want to list more of all the reasons why Tribe is...
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    Mnotes are being removed please redeem them all!

    Due to some upcoming changes, bugs and usability problems we'll be disabling the mNotes in 1 week (16th Jan 11AM CET) So please use ALL OF THEM before this date as they will stop redeeming. Soap~
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    Swift_storm Helper App. 2nd Try

    Application denied, since this is your second application, you may reapply in two months. If you'd like feedback regarding this denial, please contact the CM. Thread closed.
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    Introducing the Economy team! (New branch of content team)

    Hello everyone! I'm proud to introduce our newest branch of the content team! The Economy team! The economy team directly covers elements such as, any and all forms of money sinks, creating and maintaining them, shadytrader additions and price points, reworking crate rewards, new rank additions...
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    Tank's 4th Helper Application!

    Application denied. If you'd like feedback regarding your application, please contact the community manager on discord. Thread closed.
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    Ban Appeal

    Hey there, thank you for making an appeal. I as well want to thank you for being honest. After reviewing your ban, I've decided to unban you, however, I've removed all of the sand and glowstone from your inventory that you gained from the usage of this modded client. Please keep in mind that...
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    Ban Appeal

    After reviewing your previous offenses on the server, which included but was not limited to, lying directly to soap. It's been decided that you will not be allowed to return. Appeal denied. Thread closed.
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    Player of the year 2018

    Hello everyone! It's time to vote on player of the year! Above are nominations selected from previous POTM (Player of the month) winners with the exception of one player that has been runner up many many times. Vote above on who you think should win player of the year! Rewards - The...
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    Apology and Ban Appeal for LostInAtlantis3

    Locking thread for now. Players are not to post on ban appeals unless directly involved, please refrain from doing so again. Thanks.
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    NinjaCat1251 application for helper

    Closing this as you do not meet the playtime requirements. Also, you may want to read the application template again, helpers are unable to ban or /kill.
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    Telling Player To Kill Themselves

    Issue dealt with. All parties involved need to chill. Move things along. Closing thread.
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    NeroAlexander- Ban Appeal

    Ban Appeal- NeroAlexander Also, we do not sell "unbans" Appeal denied and thread closed.
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    Ban Appeal

    Hey there DuckDat, apologies for the delay. Seeing as you've been truthful and apologetic (and given the time you've already been banned) I'll be un-banning you. Please check out these helpful links regrading the rules before rejoining the server >>>IMPORTANT - Server Rules<<< >>>IMPORTANT -...
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    Ban Appeal

    Hey there 86000 I'll be covering your ban appeal. First I'd like say, no, your ban was no mistake, I can assure you of that, far from it actually, however there was a small error with your ban, that I'll address later on. The date at which you were banned is irrelevant, you see we use Core...
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