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    EpicJimmy5YT's Helper Application

    Hey there EpicJimmy5YT! thank you for showing interest in the joining the staff team :) However you're lacking the one month res date requirement, feel free to apply again after the allocated amount of time has passed.
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    Potm and Sotm Suggestion

    Your comments were removed due to them not contributing anything to the thread, they were negative in nature.
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    I want to talk to the owners of this server.

    Hey there Sfrnkn777, the owners are very busy with real life responsibilities as well running the server. I am the server manager, so, feel free to message me on here or on discord and I'll pass the message along if it's something I cannot resolve, thanks.
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    Aze & Wolf's daily lottery giveaway ;D

    Entries are now closed for this event, the winners will be posted here daily, event will be active for 1 month+ remember to check back daily! Day 1 winner - Raven14453 Day 2 winner - zman72 Day 3 winner - Hyperweevil Day 4 winner - _JohNNyCATsviLLe Day 5 winner - karatekid1995 Day 6 winner -...
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    Ban Appeal? Skywrithin

    Please follow the appeal template found here >>>IMPORTANT - Appeal Template
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    ImCute's Ban Appeal

    Hey there! First and foremost I'd like to thank you for making an appeal. Alright, I'm going to address the situation in full. You iPurplex were just banned yesterday for the usage of an auto-clicker that you admitted to, appeal can be found here >>>iPurplex's Ban Appeal<<< Now, less than a...
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    Terrifying cave!

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    Ligitleeme - Ban Appeal

    Hey there Ligitleeme, I'd like to thank you for making this appeal and as well thank you for being completely honest when doing so. I'm glad you love the server (I do too!) however as you said cheating in any shape or form is not allowed. I've reviewed your activities thus far on the server and...
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    Aze & Wolf's daily lottery giveaway ;D

    Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well! :) Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for the warm welcome I've received as Maestrea's first ever Community Manager! I have a lot of amazing things planned for the near future <3 Now onto the giveaway! @Aze was digging around digging his fox...
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    Add Llama eggs to shady trader

    Llama eggs are available from the mythic crate right now :) Rancher is setup this way as, the entry level spawners for rancher (Horse, pig, cow) are all very easily obtained (Crystal merchant)and pay quite well considered to hellworker and hunter entry level spawners Hunter and hellworker =...
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    The legend of Madlad. Bought $135 rank for $3.50 and a fistful of memes ;D ;D ;D

    The legend of Madlad. Bought $135 rank for $3.50 and a fistful of memes ;D ;D ;D
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    Metallica's Content Application

    Hey meta! You're application has been accepted, welcome to the team! :) Contact an admin+ for promotion.
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    Player of the Month October Winner!

    Awesome :) GG Melody!!
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    Weekly Update: October Week Four

    Awesome update Luna!
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