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  1. Scythe578

    Voting items are incorrect

    The vote items being given out have something wrong, the vote keys given are not stacking with the other vote keys.
  2. Scythe578

    Lord/Lady removed

    Hi, my Lord rank was removed in my recent rank change, could it be restored ?
  3. Scythe578

    I don't think there is a good title for this one

    It's been a little more than 2 years since I started on Maestrea as HeadAdmin. I have watched the server grow and change in a million ways. People have come and gone but the server keeps growing and it always amazes me. Unfortunately, as the server changed my life has too life has too, leading...
  4. Scythe578

    Player-Staff Relation

    Hi Maestreans, I would like to clear up some issues we've been having recently between the players and staff. So, Our rules are not put in place to oppress you or your beliefs. Our rules are made to prevent topics which can bring up arguing and fighting so that our players can focus on their...
  5. Scythe578

    Iron Giant heart glitch

    Iron Giant's Heart have an unfortunate bug which has been abused by some players although it is not meant to happen! Please do not use these pieces in PvP or in PvE (like Dungeons and Varson). We are ask that, if you've either intentionally or unintentionally abused this glitch, you leave your...
  6. Scythe578

    The issue with the weather

    It's been brought to my attention that players are starting heated arguments about the weather. This thread will hopefully put the issue to rest. I'll be including my personal opinion as well as my opinion from a staff standpoint. HAHA soap made a nice fix, I've erased the previous post...
  7. Scythe578

    A note on bugs and owner activity

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to address the recent happenings on the server. As we hit the end of August, school is starting back up which means the owners are working hard on our personal lives. This also means that we don't have the amount of freetime we did this summer so bugs may linger a...
  8. Scythe578

    Weekly Updates: August (First and Second week)

    Maestrea Dungeons HUB Hello Maestreans! We've made it through the first 2 weeks of August and we're still going! I've dumped a lot of late updates from July and early August into one easy to read post! CLICK HERE FOR UPDATE DUMP Let's see what's been happening this month...
  9. Scythe578

    Jobs Plugin Update

    We've updated the jobs plugin which has brought a lot of good bug fixes to the jobs plugin, unfortunately the jobs file will have to be recoded to handle the furnace limit so for now smelting tasks (food/ores and such) have been removed from the jobs plugin. These will be readded soon.
  10. Scythe578

    Update Dump: Mid July to August

    Hey everyone, sorry for the weeks with lack of updates. This will be a list of all updates in a plain format, the nice looking post will start next week. July 9: Added Content Team PW can be extended to 48 hours now July 10: New rule: Auctions cannot be used to advertise for player shops...
  11. Scythe578

    Announcement to All Players

    Players of Maestrea, we've found out that there are multiple players abusing a duplication glitch. If you've abused this glitch, we're asking you to come to an upper staff member in private and admit it. Admitting WILL result in some nerfing action being taken on your account but you will...
  12. Scythe578

    Towny Rank Permissons

    This is a list of the ranks and their permissions, you can reference the nonspecific nodes here: Towny Permission Nodes - CoMayor - Exempt to taxes -* - Set plots to wild - towny.command.plot.*...
  13. Scythe578

    Server Downtime

    As of 12:30 PM EST on July 26th the server is down due to a database error. This fix will take a few hours to get things going so we will be down. We will update the post when the server is back up and playable.
  14. Scythe578

    Holograms are pretty cool

    I was playing around with holograms today and made this, though it was pretty neat! It updates player count in real time and shows the username of the player who is look at it Holograms are pretty dope.
  15. Scythe578

    It is happening...

    IT IS HAPPENNING... Gyazo - 134f6f0eeac7652319708d1fda19185e.png Because of An overwhelming Majority of players, By order of Our dear leaders, Our Zany staff are adding the marriage plugin. Let it be known that Everyone who reads this should read the capital letters. Don't ever do this...
  16. Scythe578

    The mastermind

    I wanted to make a post to give some praise to yalez. On top of his normal life, he has been organizing and setting up the build competitions along with facilitating the head museum AND running the player of the month threads AND just doing his staff duties. The man is a mastermind, thanks a...
  17. Scythe578

    RPG Style Jobs Suggestions

    Hello Maestreans, Recently, some of you have shown interest in role play style jobs, like builder and engineer. I love the idea of having some jobs that are more focused on role play to give the jobs a new level of fun, so I'm gonna make them, but I can't without your help! In the comments...
  18. Scythe578

    April showers bring May features!

    The first week of May has brought so many updates, we had to make a post just to keep y'all updated! This is some necessary information to hlep you on the server and make your playtime more enjoyable! Clear Furnaces When you interact with a furnace, it increments a counter on your player...
  19. Scythe578

    Detailed Jobs Reset Thread

    The Jobs Reset is done! Please be aware, a reset brings unforeseen changes, sometimes causing us to make last minute changes to what we have set up. With that in mind, remember that jobs will always have additions and prices will always have small fluctuations. With that out of the way...
  20. Scythe578

    The death of an Alchemist

    Today, April 25th, we say goodbye to the Alchemist job on Maestrea. This job was removed as some plugins and major performance fixes made it unuseable. If you're having any trouble regarding leaving alchemist, please message and admin+ ingame.
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