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  1. Mr_Blank

    The Better Relics Update

    I can't wait to collect them all :D
  2. Mr_Blank

    BCrule's Helper Application

    Gl Bcrule! :D
  3. Mr_Blank

    Klozer's Relic Content Application

    Gl Klozer! You got this!
  4. Mr_Blank

    TMS's 2nd Content App

    Gl Tms! You got this!
  5. Mr_Blank

    Intro 1 year Later “Back At It Again”

    Hello everyone, I’m back making another intro after a year. ;) I still live in New York (who lives in that state amirite), EDT in time zones and I am now a happy member of the staff team. My IGN is still Mr_Blank One thing that I’ll say is different from this introduction is that I don’t gamble...
  6. Mr_Blank

    Weekly Update: July Week Three

    What a puntastic weekly update! Thanks for the weekly update Luna! :)
  7. Mr_Blank

    Weekly Update: July Week One

    Thanks for the amazinvg update Luna and Lad! :D I had fun reading all the foxes xd. Can’t wait for next week :)
  8. Mr_Blank

    PandoraKisses's Helper Application.

    Gl Pandora! :D
  9. Mr_Blank

    Maestrea Super Summer giveaway!

    IGN: Mr_Blank Thanks for the giveaway Wolf! :D
  10. Mr_Blank

    Banned wrongly

    Hey, sorry for the delayed response. Also, to respond to your question, the alternate account joined less than 24 hours after the other account (OMENICS) was banned for x-ray and from the image shown below, your "brother" joined the server saying "hi xD" and "you know me" which raises...
  11. Mr_Blank

    Banned wrongly

    Hello there OMENICS, I'm assuming you're appealing for being banned on the account _OMENICS_ , you have been banned because as stated in the rules: Additionally, your forums name is the same username as your alternate account. Also, as shown below, you admit to using another account to...
  12. Mr_Blank

    Klozer's Helper Application

    Gl Klozer! You got this! :D
  13. Mr_Blank

    Player of the Month May!

    Thanks to the 4 nominees that has spread positivity and heir helpfulness throughtout the server, I hope the person who wins enjoys the Honoured title :3. And as the people say above, its gonna be a tough decision xd. Once again, Thanks Houdini, Mel, Iso, and Pandora for what I’ve mentioned...
  14. Mr_Blank

    Winners of the May 2019 Build Event!

    Congrats to all the winners and thanks to those that participated! :D
  15. Mr_Blank

    Revised Player of the Month!

    An amazing title for oustanding players! Can’t wait to see the nominees! :D
  16. Mr_Blank

    Weekly Update: April Week Four!

    Thanks for the weekly update again Taka! Looking forward to those relics :cool:
  17. Mr_Blank

    Pinkjemm's Builder Application

    Gl Pink! :)
  18. Mr_Blank

    You staff are old (In gaming way)

    Yeah, he disappeared somewhere, I wonder where did he go
  19. Mr_Blank

    Winners of the April 2019 Build Event!

    Thanks for everyone who participated in the buld event! They were amazing to see! :D
  20. Mr_Blank

    Weekly Update: April Week Three!

    Thanka for the update Taka! I hope you have happy time hunting those rabbits! :)
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