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  1. Zoena

    Potm and Sotm Suggestion

    I think Potm should be nominated by staff and voted on by the players. The staff know the players better than any player imo. I also think Sotm should be nominated by the players and voted on by staff. Perhaps if you don't like this idea, the nominations could be split, some by staff and some...
  2. Zoena

    Item Wither Skeleton Spawner

    I had a wither skeleton spawner in the chest at my town called Enigma which I bought from /shady. There is now a cave spider spawner in it's place. I can post a screenshot of the chest now but the only other proof I have is buying the wither skeleton spawner from /shady but I don't remember...
  3. Zoena

    Hopper limit

    So I finally started to build my smelter today. It is in one plot and I am limited to 64 hoppers per plot so I cannot finish my build. I thought the hopper limit was per person at 200ish?
  4. Zoena

    Other Missing Pig Spawn Egg and Mooshroom Spawn Egg

    I was using my spawn eggs to convert cave spider spawners. I used /olditems first and then the egg. The chicken, sheep and cow eggs worked fine but the pig egg and mooshroom spawn egg both just disappeared. I can get the logs but it doesn't say anything, they just didn't work. It may be in the...
  5. Zoena

    Other Daily Bonus, daily reset every day and every server reboot for 10 Days now.

    My daily bonus is resetting every day and every server reboot for over 10 days now.
  6. Zoena

    Other Missing Fabled Storyteller Token

    I just finished The Storyteller after it bugged out and Csoi had given me another token. When I finished the dungeon ported me out before I could open the loot cache. If necessary, I can get logs to show I was in the dungeon but Csoi had just seen me there. This makes twice I tried to do this...
  7. Zoena

    DB giving incorrect award for day 12. The reward for day 12 is 2 shards 15 book of tomes and 12 crystals.

    Instead I got 2 shards 15 crystals and 8 Book of Tomes. This may have been this way for some time. I rarely look to verify the exact reward. Usually I just click the reward, take what I get and assume it's right. Anyway, I thought this should be reported here and fixed. Thanks in advance, Zoe
  8. Zoena

    Item Missing 384 Crystals.

    IGN: Zoena Missing Items: 384 Crystals. Explanation: I was using my vote/common/uncommon keys for the month and left the vote crates to go to the maestrean key crate. I used a maestrean key and won 768 Crystals but I only had 6 spots left in my inventory for a total of 384 Crystals received and...
  9. Zoena

    Killed near my house while afk

    I was killed near my house while afk. I was pushed or pulled for over 30 blocks and killed on the outskirts of my town of Enigma. Here are the logs: [17:08:49] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] [?] TheGator02 [17:08:49] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] §7[§2L§6e§2p§6r§2e§6c§2h§6a§2u§6n§7]...
  10. Zoena

    I survived Hurricane Irma!

    I just came home to the South Florida area and my home is still standing. My power came on this morning and I just got internet this evening around 8PM. The only damage, to my home, was all the screens were blown out on my patio. I am really relieved. There is a 9PM-6AM curfew and some of the...
  11. Zoena

    Found Fish Slap Ok so Scythe578 replaced my missing Fish Slap from the above post. Yesterday I went to retrieve items from the /ah and found the original Fish Slap in the expired items after I had already sold the one Scythe578 replaced. Now I...
  12. Zoena

    NASA: Eclipse Aug 21, 2017 How to view the eclipse safely How to View the 2017 Solar Eclipse Safely Looking directly at the sun is unsafe except during the brief total phase of a...
  13. Zoena

    mckids6 scammed 615+k

    Itsgiovanni and I had a deal for an 8$ voucher. When it came time to collect the money for the voucher mckids6 came and said that he was itsgiovanni and I paid him the 615k. Mckids6 then logged. This was 7/27 between 9-10PM EST. Getting logs now and will add to this post.
  14. Zoena

    Missing "Fish Slap" from /ah

    I lost a "Fish Slap" relic, that I had on the /ah. I don't remember the exact enchants but it was a really good one. I know it had unbreaking 8 or 9 with fire and about 4-6 more enchants. I'm sorry, I wish I could remember more of the enchants, but at least that seems to be the only item I am...
  15. Zoena

    Total Eclipse of the Sun Coming to the US Monday Aug 21

    On Monday, Aug. 21, a solar eclipse will be visible across America. The last time the contiguous United States saw a total eclipse was 1979, and it will be the first coast-to-coast solar eclipse in 99 years, reports The Associated Press. A partial eclipse will be visible throughout the United...
  16. Zoena

    Missing Villager Vendors

    I had two villager vendors. One sold Fortune 3 and the other sold Silk Touch and Mending. I'm not sure how I would prove this or how to search for it in the logs somehow. I can show you exactly where they were in my town. Anyway please at least be aware that this may also be a problem to...
  17. Zoena

    Missing /rankup from Warrior to Sentinel

    2017-06-08-2.log [12:26:05] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] §7[§9Merchant§7] §r§r§fCrayfeeesh §8» how is this guy a newcomer? [12:26:07] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] §f§7[§6§lA§f§luction§7] §61 §6Diamond Shovel §7has §63 seconds §7left [12:26:08] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT]...
  18. Zoena

    Hi I'm Zoena

    I joined the server about 2 weeks ago and just wanted to say Hi to everyone. I was a mod on another server, but quit when I moved across the US, from New Mexico back to Florida about 3 years ago and stopped playing MC altogether. I just started playing MC again after being away for so long...
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