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  1. Zoena

    TribeBlock Grand opening IGN giveaway!

    IGN: Zoena
  2. Zoena

    Spooky, Scary, and Sweet Halloween Relics Event

    Name: JackO Charm: yes Material: Jack o'Lantern Lore: You need a little bit of insanity to do great things! Enchantments: Unbreaking X Strength 2 Glowing Poison 3 Slowness 1
  3. Zoena

    Please place your Suggestions regarding the end resets here...

    I know most of the staff admins are online usually around the same time. This is just for the current time, since all things change. So this can make it difficult to time end resets exactly. But I think it would help to vary the resets to noon and midnight on alternating months. Whether it's...
  4. Zoena

    Potm and Sotm Suggestion

    I think Potm should be nominated by staff and voted on by the players. The staff know the players better than any player imo. I also think Sotm should be nominated by the players and voted on by staff. Perhaps if you don't like this idea, the nominations could be split, some by staff and some...
  5. Zoena

    Uncondense Dungeon Coins

  6. Zoena

    How many people who play on the server..are not good at parkour?

    I can't really do it either and I hate parkour, probably for that reason lol. I can get through the Halloween dungeon, but to me it seems like it takes me forever.
  7. Zoena

    Item Wither Skeleton Spawner

    Issue resolved on /discord. Please close this thread.
  8. Zoena

    Item Wither Skeleton Spawner

    I had a wither skeleton spawner in the chest at my town called Enigma which I bought from /shady. There is now a cave spider spawner in it's place. I can post a screenshot of the chest now but the only other proof I have is buying the wither skeleton spawner from /shady but I don't remember...
  9. Zoena

    I am back!

    Welcome back!
  10. Zoena

    /condense change maybe

    I support the above post. I find myself making sandstone when I just want room in my inventory and the sand left as sand. Same with string. I waste time getting string but don't want wool. Please remove sand and string at least and if you remove quartz that's ok too.
  11. Zoena

    A Little Giveaway ~WINNERS DRAWN~

    IGN Zoena Number 28
  12. Zoena

    Hopper limit

    I am using a minimum of hoppers for this build and still need 16 more hoppers to complete the build. I could possibly move the smelter to skirt two different plots but what would be the point to all that work? In any case please come look at my build before you respond again. The number of...
  13. Zoena

    Hopper limit

    So I finally started to build my smelter today. It is in one plot and I am limited to 64 hoppers per plot so I cannot finish my build. I thought the hopper limit was per person at 200ish?
  14. Zoena

    Other Missing Pig Spawn Egg and Mooshroom Spawn Egg

    I was using my spawn eggs to convert cave spider spawners. I used /olditems first and then the egg. The chicken, sheep and cow eggs worked fine but the pig egg and mooshroom spawn egg both just disappeared. I can get the logs but it doesn't say anything, they just didn't work. It may be in the...
  15. Zoena

    Our Cares and Concerns

    Thank you for this post KingWither, I also agree with many of the excellent points you've made. This transition has been hard on everyone, staff and players alike. One of the suggestions, I have made, is to add Player Guides with a title "Maestrea Guide" or perhaps a better name/title. These...
  16. Zoena

    The Submerged Title - Our gift to you <3

    IGN: Zoena
  17. Zoena

    Add Mossy/cracked stone brick to Shady Trader

    Moss stone brick and cracked stone brick are relatively easy to find on the new 1.13 biomes.
  18. Zoena

    IMPORTANT An Unwanted Beginning

    I just got back from vacation where I watched this post, when I could get a data connection, which wasn't often. I haven't been on the server yet so I don't know if it's still in spectator mode. I knew the server would need to be reset for 1.13 before I left on vacation, but I decided to wait...
  19. Zoena

    Other Daily Bonus, daily reset every day and every server reboot for 10 Days now.

    It doesn't matter what time I am claiming the bonus if it is resetting every time I log in and every time the server reboots. I may have claimed it at different times but even then I would hit it before server reset at least some of the time. This needs to be fixed and "be patient" or "you must...
  20. Zoena

    Other Daily Bonus, daily reset every day and every server reboot for 10 Days now.

    My daily bonus is resetting every day and every server reboot for over 10 days now.
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