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    Elyssia Update Post

    Why not allow the 9 items to be functional? At this point, I don't think you'll have too many requests to convert items. You'll probably end up programming many of them eventually anyway, as long as they are on the list of approved items. It would be a very nice gesture, please reconsider. :)
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    Future plans for Elyssia

    So, reading through the posts there is a lot of emotion and passion flowing into this conversation. That's what Elyssia was all about: a community that cares for each other and a genuine love for the server. People make the community and without those people, there is nothing. We all have an...
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    Maestrea Super Summer giveaway!

    Nice! digestboy
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    Future plans for Elyssia

    Tyvm Soap. Somebody in chat stated that Ely resource was gone for good, and I made the mistake of believing them. Cheers!
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    Top Voters - April & May

    I recall following April very closely and I swear that the top three were xtelita , then me, then Mietm. Screenshot seems way off.
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    Future plans for Elyssia

    Even if it were reduced in size to, say, 5k radius, we would be ecstatic. a smaller resource would reduce any lag that the previous (quite massive) resource may have caused. Please don't shut the door on the few remaining loyal players on Elyssia. Without resource, there isn't much left for us...
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    Future plans for Elyssia

    To be honest, those of us who have stuck around on Elyssia have had the feeling that something like this was inevitable, so in a way it is a relief to remove that kind of stress with this communication. It is far better to have this knowledge than to continue wondering if the time spent on the...
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