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    Weekly Update: April Week Two!

    Thanks for the updates Taka!
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    Revenge of Enderius Title ideas.

    1 : 2 : 3 & 4: Will add more as time goes on :)
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    Make Dungeons trading easier

    Short description: Able to buy 64 of an item Long Description: When you right-click the dungeon trader and buy something, instead of having to buy the item one at a time you can also have the choice to buy 64 of that item instead. How is it beneficial: Makes the buying process easier and quicker...
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    Weekly Update: March Week Four!

    Thanks Taka! And good job on your first update :)
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    Complete Guide to Defeating Enderius

    Flying in the dungeons! Ez bean! On a real tho, nice job dude!
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    Weekly Update: March Week Three!

    Thanks Luna! Also congrats Omo !(You should still change ur name to Owo)
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    Hi - Rival

    Hi - Rival
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    Top Voters - February 2019

    Never too early
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    Player of the Month February!

    Good Luck Nominees!
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    Weekly Update: February Week Three!

    Lovin' the update Luna
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    Weekly Update: February Week Two!

    Can I be a circle instead?
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    Ant's 3 Year Anniversary

    Congrats on the 3 years!
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    My Upcoming Indefinite Absence

    Good luck in your endeavors, and thanks for being a good buddy!
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    New Moderate Challenge Boss?!

    Ik, The storyteller lost it.
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    New Moderate Challenge Boss?!

    Mob: Evoker or Husk Name: Jack The Ripper (&c&l&oJackTheRipper) Description: A story that the Fabled Storyteller seems to have misplaced, not even her master could find it. Skills/Abilities: - In the Shadows - Jack disappears into the ground and appears behind you dealing 5 hearts of true...
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    Player of the Month January!

    Good Luck Cass, Janny, Cupcake, and Houd!
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    R.I.P SUPER_FIRE_CAT's Girl Friend (she was a good cat )

    *CAT eats them and asks "where are fishes u got for my girlfriend's grave"*
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    Ability to do multiple challenge bosses at once.

    Some of the players have too many tokens for challenge bosses, and some fellow dungeoneers and I feel that it would be a feature if we could fight multiple challenge bosses at once. Although it's an easy way to use multiple tokens the challenge of beating all of the bosses would be much...
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