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  1. Pinkjemm

    MrPinkJemm's Ban Appeal

    IGN: Pinkjamming Reason for ban: Toxicity Length of ban: Permanent Appeal: I've come here to appeal for my behavior because I've have offended many people that i did not intend to harm. I have chosen my words carelessly and insulted many without any thought to how they would feel. Regarding...
  2. Pinkjemm

    Add more to /con

    let /con do more such as: Stone -> Stone bricks Diorite/Andesite/Granite -> Polished Versions
  3. Pinkjemm

    Faq Commands and Other Improvements

    Make commands that prompt faq list. command like: - /faqj = Shows jobs gui This one not the /jobs browse gui - /faqs = shows Special items gui Add the percentage for Mirror of Insanity Add a notification to daily and weekly chest
  4. Pinkjemm

    Command to prompt a list of relics

    while we're on the topic of sharing content between servers, a version of elyssia's /ai command for maestrea's relics would be a neat addition to the server since there is no way of displaying what relics are currently available in the relic pool
  5. Pinkjemm

    Improvement to Diver

    Diver as a job seems lacking and it seems like its purpose was to make a job for the 1.13 update , yet it does not have many actions that incentivize the player to explore the sea. My suggestion is to add these actions: Break: - Coral - Seapickle Kill: - Drowned - Fish Craft: -...
  6. Pinkjemm

    Warn Appeal

    IGN: Pinkjemm Reason for warn: Targeting a player Length of warn: 7 days Appeal: I was warned for targeting a player, however to my recollection i had not target or meant to target anyone disrespectfully in any way. The only slightest misunderstanding i would see is when i told someone that...
  7. Pinkjemm

    Better Scrubbers

    Arcane and Infernal Scrubbers are the most useless items in the game as their purpose is to just make an item look nicer by cleaning enchants. Even with infernal scrubbers it only give you back vanilla enchants and sometimes even a vanilla+ enchant, eg. knockback 5, but thats worthless anyways...
  8. Pinkjemm

    Pinkjemm's Builder Application

    In-game name: Pinkjemm Age: 21 Do you have teamspeak/discord and a working mic?: Yes Server Play time: 33 days & 5 hours Preferred Style/s Of building: Anything really Earlier experience in working on a build team: None In your own words tell us why you want to become a builder: To...
  9. Pinkjemm

    Relic Scrubber

    Relic socketting is a thing and since there is so many relics and charms that comes out its sucks to have charms already chiseled in your geear when you wanna replace it with a better or different charm. I suggest making a relic scrubber, it would have a 50% chance to erase the charms thats...
  10. Pinkjemm

    Updating the Dungeons Trader UI

    Im used to the Dungeon trader now and it come by second nature now of which item goes where in it, however looking on it makes me feel cramped and uneasy sometimes. So sprucing it up and keeping it organized would be lovely for users and content makers to add more content. Ive made a mock up of...
  11. Pinkjemm

    a warp for crystal trader

    i always feel like having a warp directly going to the crystal trader just makes it fast and ez to get to the place . i usually have to do /warp dungeons and fly to the crystal merchant, but have a direct warp just seems so natural and easy i dont see any downside to this. maybe /warp crystals...
  12. Pinkjemm

    Daily and Weekly chest reminders

    Just a message saying "your daily/weekly chest has been deployed " or something. I always forgot to check sometimes and i miss out on that day, and i feel like many others must experiencing that too. Downside: More alerts to crowd mc chat overall a system like how voting reminds you to vote...
  13. Pinkjemm

    Crushable bottles

    Imagine needing to craft enderuis tokens and you have a bunch of regular or sturdy bottles and not enough essence, you would have to open each individual bottle one by one taking a long process when an easy fix would be to crush the bottle themselves with the same chance as a regular tiered...
  14. Pinkjemm

    dungeon trader items

    Some suggestions of items that would be nice to have in dungeons and included in dungeon trader would be: - Quick Meal: 150 coins| 30 secs cooldown| Restores 50% of your hunger - Pinic: 450 coins| 1 minute cooldown | Restores all your hunger - Buffet: 1750 coins or Dungeoneer Crate drop|...
  15. Pinkjemm

    Dungeoneer Essence Usage

    Now that dungeoneer essence is now a thing, and its main use is for it currently is for crafting, which is a really good feature btw. I suggest using it as a re-roll to abilities. Re-rolling abilities would make loot and items more personal and customization to the player, however the down...
  16. Pinkjemm

    [Elyssia Suggestion] Grimoire Stacking

    I didnt know if i should have posted this here or on Elyssian Forums, so i posted it on both ,not to be repetivite , i just dont know if the staff uses the Elyssian forums since the merge. Anyways, I think that forbidden grimoires should be changed into written books, like the book of tomes...
  17. Pinkjemm

    Essence to Bottle condense

    Make a command to condense or convert essence into the bottle version, like how dungeons coins are. command like: - /essence condense or /econd for short. Maybe /shady econd And a condense commands for shady bottles into its next tiered bottles when you have 8. command like: - /bottle cond or...
  18. Pinkjemm

    A "Titles" Page on Wiki/Forums

    There should be a forum post of wiki page on all the titles that can be obtain on Maestrae. It should include The title's appearance: Example: Hottie is Hottie and the way to obtain them Ex: Lvl 100 Hellworker This will make it easier and enjoyable for players to see what titles they can get...
  19. Pinkjemm

    Crystal Store Items to Add

    Some items to trade in for crystals to improve and assist players with building such as: -Sponge Pick: Punch to break sponge (item will drop), Uses: 64 , Cost: 128 crystals Reason: Sponges arent affect by eff, so imagine clearing water for a underwater build and placing sponges all over to...
  20. Pinkjemm

    Lagging Out in Dugeons Challenge Rooms

    Ived lagged out Multiple times in challenge rooms and having it lag me out when i almost kill the boss is hurts. Putting in maxium effort to get it unrewarded becuase of an uncontrollable lag kinda suck. So there should be a way to get back in challenge rooms that you get lagged out of. Maybe...
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