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  1. xTusa


    I am leaving the server, Thanks to everyone who made the entire time on maestrea enjoyable for me.
  2. xTusa

    Perk Suggestion Megathread

    What are perks perks are a special privilege or side benefit that you can get from ranks What is the purpose of this thread? The purpose of this new Perks thread is to gather more ideas for Perks to be implemented in Ranks How to Suggest a Perk: If it is an addition to an already implemented...
  3. xTusa

    Shady Trader Rework and Announcement!

    Shady Trader Changes: Increments have been removed Stock has been removed Limited items to buy per hour Fixed Prices Shady will appear Twice a month Once for 24 hours with previous notice And once for 48 hours randomly during the month Next appearance of Shady will be on 11/07/18 @9pmCET
  4. xTusa

    xTusa's Application.

    In-Game Name: xTusa Rank: Content Age: 21 Do you have teamspeak/discord: yes Timezone/Country: CT/Malta In-game rank(use /rank): Prestige 3 Mythic Playtime(use /rank): 116 Days Earlier ban reasons: Something to do with lava, it was a long time ago. What...
  5. xTusa

    Prestige 4 and 5

    Prestige 4 and 5 Overview: Since the prestige system has been implemented a few months ago people have reached the final prestige 3 and are making a lot of money again with nowhere to put it, prestige 4 and 5 will make another massive money sink and more progression for players who are...
  6. xTusa

    Taking a Break

    Hello, i will be taking an indefinite break from maestrea due to boredom and health issues. Thanks to everyone who played with me, you're all awesome i will still be logging in every now and then to avoid purge. if i happen to be inactive for more than 2 months+ , could my town and nation be...
  7. xTusa

    A Swole Giveaway

    Tusa's Giveaway Contact me ingame to recieve your prize <3 Items to be won: Shad0wRang3r Maks1111170 BaconCatz Seraphom guppyphish Mephistophiles Tetalica 7xxLoneWolfxX7 2xWretchedPlayz 200 Credits Texilated Rules: Enter your In game name once Don't post for other people. must have 1...
  8. xTusa

    Job Titles.

    Short description: Change colors/names of job titles. Long description: Some job titles are not really appealing. Changes; &4&lS&7&ll&4&lay&7&le&4&lr &d&lB&8&lut&d&lch&8&ler &b&lA&7&lqu&3&lat&b&lic &6&lWood&7&lPecker &4&lIn&c&lfe&4&lrn&c&la&4&ll...
  9. xTusa


    This message is from DotonThewall, he wanted to clear stuff up : This ban is legit all my fault, don't try to blame it on the staff, or anyone else. They've handled the situation suprisingly professionally, atleast when it comes to me 1 on 1 on Discord. I fucked up massively on every single...
  10. xTusa

    Staff Abuse.

    so let me start from the beginning, about a month ago i had lost an iron golem spawner due to silk touch not working , so i asked a staff member to take a screenshot of me taking out the iron golem spawner from my chest as proof for jare to refund me. Now to my surprise i see Arivions name in...
  11. xTusa

    Losing items Skyblock.

    I noticed that sometimes when i take something out of a chest and go to /main and then do /skyblock again the items are not in the inventory and not in the chest, happened to me twice now, lost dirt and redstone.
  12. xTusa

    Missing Iron Golem Spawner

    In-game name: xTusa Items lost: 1x Iron Golem Spawner (Proof/Explanation): I placed down 1 iron golem spawner and i placed it too high by mistake, so i went to remove it with my Silk touch pickaxe,when i hit it nothing dropped it just vanished.if i could get it back it would be great since...
  13. xTusa

    Loyal title

    Loyal Title 24/11/17 Overview This title will be given to people who have played 2,000 Hours on the server as a reward for always playing here, It will be given out manually like the Headless title. Title color code : &6&l&nLoyal Pros: New title to show off Cons: people will try to bypass...
  14. xTusa

    Prestige Perks

    Prestige Perks 19/11/2017 Overview Since the prestige system has been implemented a few months ago there's only perks for prestige 1 which makes prestige 2 and 3 not so appealing, here are some suggestions to add perks to prestige 2 and 3 Specifications Lower tp cool downs ( Doesn't...
  15. xTusa

    Iron Golem spawners

    In-game name:xTusa Items lost:2 iron Golems (Proof/Explanation) paced 2 iron Golem spawners, they turned into pigs
  16. xTusa

    1 year on Maestrea

    Hello, it's been a year since i joined this amazing server It's been Great, this is truly the best community on any server and on any game that i've been on. thanks to The owners for their hard work and most staff members Although sometimes i'm a dick to everyone, i still love you all <3 As...
  17. xTusa

    New title

    Short description: New title - TimeLess Long description: A new title that is given to those who Reached 1,000 Hours of game time on the Server which is equal to 41 Days~ How is it beneficial: Will give people more reason to play for longer hours and also new titles are always fun :D What can...
  18. xTusa

    Grief Narphy and Faze__Bloo locked Doors in my town.

    Narphy and Faze__bloo Went around my town Locking other Residents Doors/Trapdoors. as you can see here these people are not part of my town Faze__Bloo was part of my town but due to the towny rollback he got kicked out. i did send a mail to him explained what happened and asked him to contact...
  19. xTusa

    Money rollback

    IGN: xTusa Items lost :$165,178 Proof/explanation: Last /balance checked before the Restart [20:34:19] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] §7[§3Mythic§7] §r§r§f§9Jo§3se§bph§r§r §8» did u enjoy it chackindoo [20:34:23] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [?] morganfam10 [20:34:28] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] §7[§bNewcomer§7]...
  20. xTusa

    New Rank in /ranks

    Short description: New title in /ranks Soulless or Soulless Long Description: A new rank in /rank that would cost 10-30Mil to get. as perks for getting the title -No tp cooldown or less tp cooldown - item name formatting How is it beneficial: People who are mythic will have something to...
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