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    Other Lost My Account Evan511

    i lost my account that i used to play on Evan511. im under the new name of Careybary i dont remember exactly what my account had i was just wondering if you could transfer my items or something
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    I leave for 5 days and loose over 200 pig spawners

    In-game name:Evan511 Items lost: 265 pig spawners after i was offline for 5 days do to a family issue i also lost a shulker box full of relics equaling around 500 K and another shulkerbox full of of misc server items some of which are 5 infernal scrubbers and 2 stacks of normal scrubbers book...
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    I Have Lost Votes

    So yesterday i had voted across all the servers and claimed my rewards i go to look at my total for the month and im behind by 5 i have been voting every day and was tied with Zoe and within the top 5 all month so i don't know how this happened but id like to see it sorted. I had heard it had...
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    I have a Few Shulker Boxes And Only One Isn't Working

    So i have the problem of the shulker box not leting me put items in and out of it i have tried relogging restarting my client and breaking and replacing it. it shows the GUI of the box and the items in it but as soon as i click the item i wana put in there the box closes on me GUi and every...
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    Lost One And A Half Dubble Chest In Fish Do Too Crash

    Server crashed after i bought a ton of fish and lost it all because of crash
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    Lost My Dragon Head To /Dungeons

    So today i was about to go do a dungeon run ad switched over to my dragon head relic and when i entered the /dungeons realm i lost the item just that one and had every other item minus that one no other item was missing just the dragon head and i checked my ender chest and my back pack and its...
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    Vote Claim Monthly Cumulative Rewards Not Being Claimed

    I was looking at my monthly vote total (47) and i haven't gotten any prior rewards and Ive never gotten them before this month Bug or Character File Bug? Help me Please
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