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  1. ElliotJD

    Cant make store pruchase?

    Has indeed been moved to a ticket
  2. ElliotJD

    Top Voters - July 2020

    Greetings Maestreans! Thank you all for voting and supporting the server in the month of July! 1st place: NotAllstar - 219 votes Reward: $32 /buy voucher AND EITHER 3x Maestrean Keys OR 3x Elyssian Keys OR 15 Skyblock Rift keys 2nd place: arcanium_1 & jediknight95 - 216 votes Reward...
  3. ElliotJD

    Family Oriented Server!

    This has been mentioned before but it's not a direction we want to take the server. We do want a community where people can feel comfortable and enjoy themselves, but we feel this would be far too restrictive for the vast majority of our playerbase, and I know for me personally I would have no...
  4. ElliotJD

    Balancing Mentality

    Did I read your post? Maybe, maybe not. Interesting train of thought none-the-less, and you're right that balance is effected by context. Even if we "perfectly balanced" all our Relics, any change to anything would throw that off, so it's realistically more like an ever evolving and ever...
  5. ElliotJD

    Maestrea Hoppers

    I'm not sure if that's possible, I don't know which plugin is managing hoppers so I couldn't say what effect that would have. I can say with certainty it would make hopper systems incredibly slow to the point of probably barely usable in any case. I would strongly recommend looking at using the...
  6. ElliotJD

    Maestrea Hoppers

    Well there's already a vanilla solution to filter chests - just fill them up with single items that you want to go in so they can stack up
  7. ElliotJD

    Maestrea Hoppers

    Just had a peek at the code and it looks not dissimilar to our condensechest plugin which we recently tried to enable and it brutalised server performance. If you're able to find a solution with good performance we can look at it but with both vanilla and plugins, these item filtering systems...
  8. ElliotJD

    Appealing a ban

    Hey binhlu, long time no see Unfortunately, activity at the time of a ban isn't always reliable as it can sometimes take us time to discover these sorts of things, as was the case here. We did find though, in both your inventory and colossal backpack that you had in your inventory, a number of...
  9. ElliotJD

    Alexanderfh's Helper Application

    Application approved, welcome (back) to the team! Contact an Admin to begin your promotion process :) Closing thread
  10. ElliotJD


    Hey Squishy, there were a number of reasons for your extended ban hence them not being listed in the ban message. Here's everything, including the actions that got you the original ban: - The extensive planned raiding of a town that was only made possibly by the dishonesty of Hanna who was also...
  11. ElliotJD

    Top Voters - June 2020

    Greetings Maestreans! Thank you all for voting and supporting the server in the month of June! 1st place: Mietm - 214 votes Reward: $32 /buy voucher AND EITHER 3x Maestrean Keys OR 3x Elyssian Voting Cookies OR 15 Skyblock Rift keys 2nd place: Zevira & jediknight95 - 210 votes Reward...
  12. ElliotJD

    Arcana Suggestion Thread

    Yep it's being added in the coming days
  13. ElliotJD

    Delusionalrubys Builder Application!!

    Hey Ruby, Apologies for the delay in letting you know this, but the Build Team is currently full so we won't be accepting your application at this time. Please know this is not a reflection on your abilities as a Builder, nor will it count against you if a space opens up and you'd like to...
  14. ElliotJD

    New exp system.

    Would rather keep it both under /bottle since both commands do still give bottles. /xp get I feel could be misleading
  15. ElliotJD

    New exp system.

    Yeah I said I understood the need for the feature and we’re happy to add it, I’m just looking for suggestions for syntax as discussed in the second half of my post
  16. ElliotJD

    New exp system.

    Currently the number you provide when doing /bottle get is the exp level you would get to from 0. Ideal for anyone looking to enchant that doesn't know how many bottles they need to get to 30, but just knows what experience they want. I can understand your confusion at the new system but it's...
  17. ElliotJD

    aaron233 Ban Appeal (5/27/19)

    Hey Aaron, thanks for appealing. I appreciate the apology and respect that you can step up and take responsibility for your actions and seem to fully realise the situation. For those reasons I'm willing to give you a final chance, please note this will be one final chance though, any further...
  18. ElliotJD

    Mute appeal

    Looks like this was the same situation as HFreeman06, so I'll copy paste the same response too - Hey, thanks for making an appeal. You were muted for trolling and being generally extremely rude in global chat. You are responsible for any actions on your account allowing someone else access is...
  19. ElliotJD

    Luna’s Content Team Application

    Hey Luna, As you've got no existing portfolio could you design a couple items for us here please? I can link you to some good places to refer to for help: - Relic List - Relic Suggestion Thread - Arcana List - Arcana Suggestion Thread Any other question feel free to let us know, otherwise...
  20. ElliotJD

    Other Lost My Account Evan511

    Done that, you should see the new job levels in your /jobs archive
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