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    Other top vote rewards

    I have tried to make discord tickets in the past, discord hates me or I am missing something. Can I get the mythic keys for being a top voter in January? Thanks
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    /Pmenu changes

    So, I woke up with a start (I like to play laying on my side with my laptop on its side). I saw that X_storm had suggested that the dots/pips/prestige stains could be different colors to better match our names and chat colors. At first I thought it was Deja vu or I experienced hypnagogic...
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    Blacksmith levels reset again

    My blacksmith levels were wiped. They got wiped once before then brought up, now gone again. I got the level 100 title as proof, too. Couldn't get on discord for this or my dungeon stuff, so hope this is right. Thanks.
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    Dungeon items

    I have a bunch of dungeon items and raid tier items that no longer work, could they be updated please? Thanks
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    Job levels reset

    Explanation: The game keeps stealing my levels. I lost all my lumberjack levels today when I tried going back to it. Screenshots: I have the Woodpecker level 100 title to prove it Possible abusers of the bug: Maestrea
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