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    Add Drowned to the Diver Job

    Short description: Add Drowned to the Diver job. Long description: Diver has very few mobs associated with it and is the least commonly used job of the 4 main mob grinder related jobs. It’s desert counterpart, the Husk, already exists within the Hunter job so it doesn’t make sense that Drowned...
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    Quiz Rework

    Short description: Rework quiz questions and answers in a way that teaches players about the server Long description: Many of the current quiz questions are random trivia and often either extremely specific in wording or often even just plain misinformation. We also have new players every day...
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    Private World Expansion

    Short description: - Create buyable expansions to the amount of space available in the Emperor rank private worlds Long description: - Emperor Rank comes with a 16 plot by 16 plot private world, which at first glance can seem massive, however with some large scale builds this space can be used...
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    Dungeon Ranks

    Short description: Add ranks to dungeons Long description: Many new players long into Maestrea to play dungeons but many dungeons and activities are locked behind towny ranks, a server unrelated with an entirely different play style. Adding ranks to dungeons similar to the towny ranks would...
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    Move Lumberjack job to Resource Server

    The lumberjack job is commonly used to make the job limit very quickly and is popular for this reason but the cost of so many people using treefeller at once causes massive lag spikes every hour making the server almost unplayable for most players. Moving this job to the resource world and...
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