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    Death messages

    It’s possible to disable death messages in specific regions but it’s been years since I’ve done this. I believe it’s a flag, some middle ground may be disabling them only in the pvp warp
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    Main World Reset for Caves and Cliffs Update

    Would private worlds be considered protected builds or rather donator perks in this reset? Hell I’d clear chests through it if it meant my little world carried over.
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    Main World Reset for Caves and Cliffs Update

    I’m kinda torn, a reset would both encourage me to play more now that things have calmed down a bit for me, while also discouraging me rebuilding coghelm (which I need to finish honesty)
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    New exp system.

    Hell or setup aliases for /bottle get and /xp get to keep it clean
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    Player Economy

    He makes 100k in 1.5 minutes haha, he means it takes 10 limits per week to maintain his bal and Storm actually has a history of buying materials in bulk feeding the thing you are fighting for
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    Player Economy

    I don’t feel like the economy on the server is bad at all, our community for the most parts just rather lazy (no offense just an observation) and very few people want to collect materials. I’ve been personally working on a project that’s required an absolute ridiculous amount of TNT, glass...
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    Cat Eggs

    Are they not in the crystal merchants stock or am I confusing ocelot eggs and cat eggs?
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    Add Drowned to the Diver Job

    Short description: Add Drowned to the Diver job. Long description: Diver has very few mobs associated with it and is the least commonly used job of the 4 main mob grinder related jobs. It’s desert counterpart, the Husk, already exists within the Hunter job so it doesn’t make sense that Drowned...
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    New Mob AI Tool/Command

    The only reason I suggested single use per mob is so that villager trades aren’t somehow exploited and if the price is made to be reasonable it wouldn’t be too big a hassle. And I wouldn’t mind being able to get my fox back in Coghelm he cleared out the chickens
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    New Mob AI Tool/Command

    Actually this would be extremely useful as an update to the crystal merchant items. Make it a sort of single use Mob Brain (can’t think of a good name) and make it a Brain Coral Block that you can right click a mob and either just give it AI or despawn and respawn the entity with AI or as King...
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    marriage plugin

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    Weekly Update: April Week 3

    Does the Omni egg only have an 80% success rate? Seems there’s 20% missing
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    Crystal Merchant Suggestion/Request

    What you can do to collect bees is to either search through the resource world for bee nests and wait for the bees to enter them before silking them (place a campfire underneath so they don’t go hostile) and transporting them back or you can also use a beehive/nest and locate bees and haul them...
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    Player Economy

    We used to have a wool shop not sure what happened to it, wool is easy to get yourself with the right setup as for concrete and glass sand can’t just be generated and digger doesn’t pay too well so nobody goes after it. And same with dyes not many people out there selling flowers
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    Suggested Raiding Rule

    How would something like this affect people who claim outposts to try to protect their friends towns? It’s common for towns to be claimed to hold onto for people to protect them from raiders
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    Condense Addition

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    One Year Anniversary Giveaway

    IGN: Xemnian Thank you for this giveaway ☺️
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    Player Economy

    Really as this is a player economy it should be up to the players to fix this rather than the server staff. Exchange sells vanilla items but it’s up to the players to sell those items back to keep stocks, but nobody seems to want to put in that work. The mall which is all but dead these days did...
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    Quiz Rework

    Short description: Rework quiz questions and answers in a way that teaches players about the server Long description: Many of the current quiz questions are random trivia and often either extremely specific in wording or often even just plain misinformation. We also have new players every day...
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    Skyblock St Patricks Day Event + Giveaway!

    IGN: Xemnian Good to see Skyblock getting an event ☺️
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