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  1. Zaidebot

    Auction house/Instant auction

    It's a very simple suggestion really, I would like to suggest that the 1mil limit set on /ah and /auc be moved to a higher number such as 10mil or even removed entirely. This would allow the player to put up even more expensive items on /ah for all players to see, I don't see any downsides to...
  2. Zaidebot

    Suggestion to motivate players to buy merch

    Was talking with @Jare earlier and he mentioned that not many people buy merch. I have created some items that may motivate players to buy more merch, here is my idea: Every time someone buys merch they get one of the following items (color would be chosen by buyer): Helmet /give @p...
  3. Zaidebot


    Buying a stack of Fabled Tokens for 130k, and a stack of Bone Gang tokens for 250k discord msg me in game or pm me on the discord
  4. Zaidebot

    Item [SOLVED] Missing trident

    IGN: Zaidebot Lost Item: A relic tier trident Explanation/Proof: During dungeon 4 on the dungeon masters server, I accidentally threw my relic tier trident into the void. The Item name was called [Harpoon of Lightning] and I believe it had Impaling IX, Unbreaking IX, Mending, Loyalty III, and...
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