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  1. Zaidebot

    marriage plugin

    Can you imagine the sheer amount of drama with this plugin xD yeah no ty lol
  2. Zaidebot

    Tab title Suggestion

    It probably wasn't intentionally removed y'all. I assume it either bugged out or got removed with performance updates and went unnoticed
  3. Zaidebot

    Archaic Relics

    yoooo static stats that's nice
  4. Zaidebot

    Condense Addition

    I admit I have been defeated in wiki information, regardless of whether or not magma cream should be added to /condense I want to applaud you sire for 1uping me when it came to vanilla Minecraft xD
  5. Zaidebot

    Arctic Mythic Mobs Application

    Best of Luck!!
  6. Zaidebot

    I'm just as confused as you endy

    I'm just as confused as you endy
  7. Zaidebot

    Condense Addition

    magma cream and magma blocks are two completely separate things and imo magma cream is much rarer/harder-to-get than magma blocks as they are extremely common in the nether
  8. Zaidebot

    One Year Anniversary Giveaway

    IGN: Zaidebot Happy Cake Day!
  9. Zaidebot

    A Year on Maestrea...

    Happy cake day! I'm bad with words but I'm glad to see you're still around creating a great deal of positivity on the server. From the content you create to the atmosphere of being around you I am happy to be your friend
  10. Zaidebot

    Item Missing Void Lash

    yeah, you have to be careful with consumables if you switch too fast it consumes your stuff instead of the consumable you're holding so try to avoid that.
  11. Zaidebot

    Play for at least X hours a week/month and get rewards

    There are already daily rewards that you can claim daily, increasing in the reward for every day you claim it until 28 days where you start back up from day 1. Imo that would be the same thing
  12. Zaidebot

    Relic Suggestion Event

    Name: Phantom Hang Glider Charm: no Material: Elytra Lore: Crafted with care and the finest of all materials, phantom wings, these Hand Gliders were created for the sole purpose of achieving true flight. It is common knowledge that a phantom's wings are extremely durable, light, and...
  13. Zaidebot

    Donor Ranks dont work?

    Thanks for donating, also the command is now /condensecoins :)
  14. Zaidebot

    Relic Suggestion Thread

    heavy is maxed at lvl 1, what it does is prevent the wearer (boots) from taking knockback, just a note from me fam :)
  15. Zaidebot

    Pre-Nerf Sterling Rapiers

  16. Zaidebot

    Lets see your Maestrea Stations!

    a little late, but sometimes I play like this (when I'm not playing like this its usually the same setup except on an actual table lol). So yeah, get flexed on my setup stumps all of yours by leagues!
  17. Zaidebot

    Pre-Nerf Sterling Rapiers

    there is no 'mod mafia' you are allowed to keep your sterlings as long as you don't mirror/trade them/give them out.
  18. Zaidebot

    Pre-Nerf Sterling Rapiers

    I don't believe so, but you can't mirror it/trade it/give it away. You either keep it yourself or turn it in and get a maxed out nerfed version. And losing it means you get a nerfed one
  19. Zaidebot

    Relic Chisel Remover

    It would be like: Charm Extractor: removes charm at the cost of the item Relic reforger: cleans out the item at the cost of the charm but yeah, do let me know what you and the team think of that, would be amazing imo
  20. Zaidebot

    Relic Chisel Remover

    Oh hey, I'm actually kinda hype if it gets added, do you think one that keeps charms and destroys item and another remover that does the opposite would be viable though
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