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  1. Mr_Blank

    Intro 1 year Later “Back At It Again”

    Hello everyone, I’m back making another intro after a year. ;) I still live in New York (who lives in that state amirite), EDT in time zones and I am now a happy member of the staff team. My IGN is still Mr_Blank One thing that I’ll say is different from this introduction is that I don’t gamble...
  2. Mr_Blank

    Mr_Blank's Helper Application

    Rank: Helper In-game name: Mr_Blank Age: 15 Do you have discord?: Yes Timezone/country: EST/USA In-game Rank(use/rank): Prestige 1 Duke Playtime: 24 Days and 23 Hours Earlier punishments(warns, bans, on other servers or here, if any): None Why we should be pick you: I am on the server daily and...
  3. Mr_Blank

    Item Lost Cursed Dragon Egg

    IGN: Mr_Blank Items Lost:: Cursed Dragon Egg Proof/Explanation: I put it off hand and went to chop some trees for Lumberjack and then I realized I placed it, I didn't know that it could be placed so I lost the item. Sorry for the inconveniences.
  4. Mr_Blank

    Item Crashing to BoneGang Token

    IGN: Mr_Blank Items Lost: Bone Gang Token Proof/Explanation: So I was doing bone gang when I crashed Here's a link to it
  5. Mr_Blank

    Item Lost Astral Disaster to Dungeons Trader

    IGN: Mr_Blank Items Lost: Astral Disaster (Powered) Proof/Explanation: I press "Q" or something and put it in the dungeon's trader tab by accident
  6. Mr_Blank

    Item Lost Baker's Delight

    IGN: Mr_Blank Items Lost: Baker's Delight Proof/Explanation: So I came to main with my Baker's Delight in my off hand and put it down on spawn by accident and it disappeared.
  7. Mr_Blank

    Hello everyone! :D

    Hello! My username is Mr_Blank but you could call me Blank or Baam! :D I joined the server on December 23rd 2017, (a little while ago) and never saw introductions on the forums so I wanted to introduce myself. I want to start by saying that the server has an amazing community and that its...
  8. Mr_Blank

    Item 2 Lost Bone Gang Challenge Tokens

    IGN: Mr_Blank Items Lost: 2 Bone Gang Challenge Tokens Proof/Explanation: So I think there's a glitch if you press Esc after inviting people and I did that twice by accident, thus when I teleport to the arena, I was the only one that got teleport and the mobs did not spawn.
  9. Mr_Blank

    Other Lost Token

    IGN: Mr_Blank Items Lost: Brewmasters Token Proof/Explanation: Not sure if you could hand one anymore but I lost it when I timed out ~Thanks for reading!
  10. Mr_Blank

    Item Lost Diamond Sword

    IGN: Mr_Blank Items Lost: Diamond Sword (Non-tiered) (Grinding Sword) Proof/Explanation: I did /crusher when I saw my non tiered diamond sword stuck inside the /crusher and I couldn't take it out. I have no idea how it got inside it but I couldn't get it out.
  11. Mr_Blank

    Item Lost Crunchy Carrot

    IGN: Mr_Blank Items Lost: Crunchy Carrot Explanation / Proof: So I was doing a Cuddles token when I tried to summon a barrage of rabbits and I think I fed it to Cuddles by mistake.
  12. Mr_Blank

    Item Cuddles Token Lost (Again Sorry)

    IGN: Mr_Blank Item Lost: Cuddles Token Explanation/Proof
  13. Mr_Blank

    Item Lost Cuddles Token Again (Sorry)

    IGN:Mr_Blank Item Lost:Cuddles Toknen Proof/Explanation: So I got hit up over the arena's border and it leaped towards me while making me fall out in the process Thanks for reading this thread, sorry for the inconviences -Mr_Blank
  14. Mr_Blank

    Item Lost 2 Cuddles Tokens

    IGN:Mr_Blank Items Lost: So I had 2 times outs, 2 in different times when I fought cuddles so I lost the tokens Proof:
  15. Mr_Blank

    Lost 97 k

    I changed mu username and when I logged back on the game, I had near to 1k when I was supposed to still have at least 97k Proof:
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