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  1. Mietm

    Weekly Events - Schedule, Information, Guidelines and more!

    Greetings Maestreans! This is our newest "Maestrean Weekly Events" post so you know precisely what to expect from your weekly event experience! This post will also continue to be updated as we have more to offer! In their current incarnation, these mini-games are fun little ways for you to...
  2. Mietm

    Caddie's Helper Application

    Hey Caddie! Your application has been received and is under discussion. We’ll update this thread as soon as we have reached a decision.
  3. Mietm

    Redd_Is_Here Helper Application

    Application denied. Since this is your first application, you may reapply in 1 month. If you would like feedback regarding this application, please contact an Admin+. Closing thread.
  4. Mietm

    IMPORTANT 1.18 Reset

    Unfortunately, no. The titles that will carry on are extremely limited and have already been mentioned (submerged, a new version of submerged possibly, 2020, 2021, store-bought titles) This does not mean you'll never see them again, it just means you won't start with them.
  5. Mietm

    Alexanderfh's Content Application (Events)

    Application approved, welcome to the team! Contact an Admin+ to begin your promotion process :) Closing thread.
  6. Mietm

    sarahmigo's Content Application - Events Team

    Application approved, welcome to the team! Contact an Admin+ to begin your promotion process :) Closing thread.
  7. Mietm

    Ban Appeal

    Hi there, Aioli! It's the "ignored communication from staff" bit that got you guys in trouble today. You joined the server, we welcomed you and got no response. Your 'brother' joined, we welcomed him, and still got no response. I made a silly remark about delicious things being names and...
  8. Mietm

    IMPORTANT 1.18 Reset

    Sorry you feel that way! For Maestrea to even try to grow and flourish, however, we truly do feel these changes are necessary.
  9. Mietm

    DabaronDaVinci's Helper Application

    Hey there, DabaronDaVinci - Thank you for applying! Your application has been received, staff notified, and it is in review. We'll update further when a decision has been reached.
  10. Mietm

    Winners of the June 2021 Build Event

    The Votes for the June 2021 Build Event are in! The theme was 'Tropical Paradise' Congratulations to the Winners Below!! Make a ticket on the discord or contact an Admin in-game to receive your rewards! In First place, we have... IncorrectIDs They win the ( Architect Title or 16$ Voucher ), 1x...
  11. Mietm

    July 2021 Build Event

    Welcome to the July 2021 Build Event! This month's theme is... NEW_MAESTREA SPAWN! If you haven't visited /t spawn New_Maestrea lately, you'll notice our "dank tree" is slowly rotting away. We're in desperate need for some remodeling! What do you think a newcomer town spawn should look...
  12. Mietm

    Top Voters - June 2021

    Greetings Maestreans! Thank you all for voting and supporting the server in the month of June! 1st place: jediknight95 - 209 votes Reward: $32 /buy voucher AND EITHER 3x Maestrean Keys OR 15x Skyblock Rift keys 2nd place: pyrokarl - 205 votes Reward: $24 /buy voucher AND EITHER 2x...
  13. Mietm

    Summer Event 2021

    Almost. The numbers are correct is so you can miss a few days, or not find them all and still be successful! However, this is not to make a summer event title, that's in the summer crate. This is to get the June 21 calendar piece (for the 2021 title at the end of the year).
  14. Mietm

    June 2021 Build Event

    June event is closed! Our community voters will be selecting our winners, and we'll post that for everyone on the 1st of July! Good luck to all our entrants!
  15. Mietm

    Summer Event 2021

    This event contains a calendar piece for the 2021 yearly title! Greetings Maestreans! Our Summer event has officially closed! For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, summer is again upon us and to celebrate the solstice* we're having a grand event! STORYTIME! Jim was doing his daily...
  16. Mietm

    FAQ: Why is a response taking so long?!

    We are making active steps toward better and clearer communication as a staff, and one frequently asked question is why applications, ideas, and ban appeals occasionally take so long to have a decision and/or response put forward. These reasons include: A diverse team of people literally...
  17. Mietm


    Again, our apologies for the delay on this matter. We as a staff feel you definitely deserve another chance. Do take a moment to browse the /rules before you get started again, we look forward to seeing you! appeal accepted, thread closed.
  18. Mietm

    Additional Fly Speed Options

    Hi there, King! We agree with you on this, our build team has been interested in a less than 1 flyspeed for ages. Unfortunately, current functionality on the server limits us to setting whole numbers. We -would- absolutely like to implement this idea at some point in the future.
  19. Mietm


    Hey there cgyhdwjvfcy! Sorry for the delay, wanted to let you know your appeal has been received and is in review. Should have an official response for you shortly!
  20. Mietm


    It was a close competition, but HoudiniJD has swept the competition! Our server voting community as chosen his entries as the new weekly event titles!! Thank you to everyone who submitted an idea and who voted!
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