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  1. HydrofluoricAcid

    Dungeons Progress.

    Is anything happening on the Dungeons development front?
  2. HydrofluoricAcid

    Revision of recent relic changes.

    Hello All, As most of you already know the background I'll keep this brief. Basically I have spent some fair time and effort trying to put right almost all of my non raid tier items after the huge nerf that everything got from the so called balance. In short I think you need to make some...
  3. HydrofluoricAcid

    New exp system.

    Short description: Change the new EXP bottle system to one that makes an ounce of sense! Long description: if you want 64 then type 64 How is it beneficial: The new system bears absolutely no correlation to how exp bottles are used, certainly in dungeons for a start. The numbers make no sense...
  4. HydrofluoricAcid

    Griefing of the Invasions gate

    Player IGN NoahPion 19.50 ish BST Player NoahPion griefed the Invasions gate to death! poor gate! [19:51:20] [Render thread/INFO]: [CHAT] [Loner] WeeGee » ye [19:51:20] [Render thread/INFO]: [CHAT] [Dungeons] Invasion Event failed! The The Gate was DESTROYED! [19:51:25] [Render thread/INFO]...
  5. HydrofluoricAcid

    Please Ban IGN meepmeepmeepmeep

    Please ban ign meepmeepmeepmeep for stating in chat "hail Al Qaeda" No way can this be tolerated, ever. Thousands of people are dead because of the actions of groups and nation states that promote terrorism. This occurred at around 17.30 british summer time Sunday 1st september 2019.
  6. HydrofluoricAcid

    give us back the ability to crush without blacksmith.

    i have wasted two hours this afternoon trying to get to grips with this and it has ruined my play really. Whos awful idea was this? please reverse it. Thanks
  7. HydrofluoricAcid

    stuff not mine in inventory.

    Hello All, Basically I have an item that appeared in the crafting slot in my inventory, I took it out and saw it was an active auction item. An eggshell belonging to mahnamiskris. see screen shot. As i don't know anything about coding so i cant make any suggestions for a fix. it is possible...
  8. HydrofluoricAcid

    Item Missing flight boots.

    HydrofluoricAcid. Boots; diamond ,flight1, unbr3. Enchanted book; Power5 Hello All, Basically I was in the Auction house on Sunday, bought a power 5 enchanted book and confirmed purchase. Unfortunately I had a full inventory and it just disappeared. checked everywhere. no joy. Today I bought...
  9. HydrofluoricAcid

    Rank warrior rank lost last night.

    Hi, I ranked up to warrior last night but it disappeared after the major server reset. Here are the log files copied from my other computer. [21:16:45] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] ■■■ [Mod] [Invincible] OmoTakato » why? [21:17:15] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] ~ HydrofluoricAcid [21:17:20]...
  10. HydrofluoricAcid

    Dungeon problem.

    There is a problem that occurs when dying in dungeons. I cannot get back in and have lost all my stuff in dungeon 2 because of it a few days ago. I used a challenge token today and the same thing happened. Both this and the invincibility glitch are beginning to make this server unusable for me...
  11. HydrofluoricAcid

    Invincibility Glitch!

    I would like to report a glitch where you seem to gain invincibility. It happens sometimes after leaving Dungeons or just logging in to Towny. It never actually occurs in Dungeons but does seem to carry over to the PVP arena. It may sound good for general play and exploration but makes PVP...
  12. HydrofluoricAcid


    Just thought I would post a note of thanks to all of the folk who keep and maintain this server. Myself and my two children are having an absolute riot on here and this is my favorite server by far. We do use other servers as well but this one seems to offer a better experience for me...
  13. HydrofluoricAcid

    Other missing armor Mailbox error (mine!)

    Hello Admin, My username is AntoniusBlock1 and I made a mailbox error whilst trying to send two sets of chainmail armour to dungeons. Basically I added them to the send inventory but did not click send, instead I clicked escape when I went back in they were gone. one of my sons...
  14. HydrofluoricAcid

    Where did I Go?

    Hi All, I will try to be as brief as possible but not an easy thing for me. I am very new to this server and in fact this is the only server I have been on to date. Whilst on a routine trip past the arbourvetae thing (huge tree structure, green beacon) I thought to try the nether portal next...
  15. HydrofluoricAcid

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone, I recently decided to join a minecraft server to find out what it is all about. I am here with my two children who have similar usernames in game. We have been playing for about a year at home on our LAN but never on a publicly accessible server. You can identify us as...
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