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  1. HydrofluoricAcid

    IMPORTANT 1.18 Reset

    So thats why there was no dungeons development! It was either make or break with 4 to 10 players online, hardly a success story. Doubt very much It would be of interest to me unless its more than just a towny server. I may be 51 but combat is much less pedestrian! The End!
  2. HydrofluoricAcid

    RIP Cuddles (For Real)

    Cuddles was the 'surprise' boss fight and caught many people out. For being a pain to do it got nerfed and then became sort of pointless for mid/endgame folks. I think some newer folks liked it for a bit but not sorry to see it go personally! Any replacement would be better lol! I'm sure it will...
  3. HydrofluoricAcid

    Dungeons Progress.

    Ok I guess that means everyone's busy with other things! Just nice to keep folks in the loop a bit. Life is life for us all I guess.
  4. HydrofluoricAcid

    Dungeons Progress.

    Is anything happening on the Dungeons development front?
  5. HydrofluoricAcid

    Getting even older than before

    Getting even older than before
  6. HydrofluoricAcid

    Why is Kl0zer an impostor, and you will never tell.

    Well I'm sure there are more than enough people who would add part 2 but choose to hold back. Keep up the activity that's caused so much decline and no doubt someone will oblige.
  7. HydrofluoricAcid

    Update on Charms

    well at last you have finally undone some of the terrible negative effects that have blighted the last few months. I did notice that my speed build has lost the ridiculous slowness VI (yes VI) it had accumulated, not to mention the whole raft of other bad effects. If you continue to improve...
  8. HydrofluoricAcid

    This server is so dead and nothing is being done

    Man it's really sad to see between 9 and 14 players on when there was double that on a bad day in months gone by. I still think there is hope but any new content will have to be matched by a different approach to player enjoyment. For players to return I would say that has to be top priority. I...
  9. HydrofluoricAcid

    This server is so dead and nothing is being done

    Well Clay, none of us wanted to see it go this way but staff do have much to consider. Recent changes caused much discouragement and the manner in which players are currently treated when they raise concerns has not helped. personally I think certain staff should step aside and let others put...
  10. HydrofluoricAcid

    Why is Kl0zer an impostor, and you will never tell.

    This is a very interesting thread. I like the first post, kind of intriguing. Good job Jota.
  11. HydrofluoricAcid

    Maestrea Storage Wars!

    Well that is a good sentiment to convey and it is also nice to know that stuff is getting looked at too. I honestly reckon there isn't a single player out there who wants the server to be less popular. If there is the firm belief that stuff can and will be sorted out, folks will be encouraged...
  12. HydrofluoricAcid

    Maestrea Storage Wars!

    Look, it's a nice thing to do new things but I think an update on the Issues that players have flagged up heavily would go much further to putting things right. If I were synical I would say you'd missed the mark here.
  13. HydrofluoricAcid

    Revision of recent relic changes.

    Well ok, That sounds like a much more positive approach than I was expecting from staff to be honest. Sorry, you are all a really nice bunch but game wise I really do feel some 'adjustments' need to be made and the frustration with this has boiled over now for me personally. The collapse of...
  14. HydrofluoricAcid

    Revision of recent relic changes.

    Hello All, As most of you already know the background I'll keep this brief. Basically I have spent some fair time and effort trying to put right almost all of my non raid tier items after the huge nerf that everything got from the so called balance. In short I think you need to make some...
  15. HydrofluoricAcid

    Hey HI, I remember asking you a while back if you were involved in the building of a 'Minecraft...

    Hey HI, I remember asking you a while back if you were involved in the building of a 'Minecraft Gas chamber' and got no answer. I am looking to try to understand firstly is this true and secondly why. Honesty is good and facing an issue like this could help you move on maybe? Obviously you can...
  16. HydrofluoricAcid

    Relic/Arcana Charm Rework

    Ok, so I thought "lets be positive".....well i tried! What the hell is the point in having a speed build for fun that give you NO advantage in a fight as it already weakens you badly. I tried to gain advantage with excessive speed and just died more, so it did not need to be nerfed, sorry...
  17. HydrofluoricAcid

    New exp system.

    Usually most dungeons players have one or two stacks of exp bottles in their inventory (everyone does differently) and while in combat the need to quickly do /bottle get 64 or 128 to repair is fairly fundamental. The new system does not take this into account and needs to really. I tried various...
  18. HydrofluoricAcid

    New exp system.

    Short description: Change the new EXP bottle system to one that makes an ounce of sense! Long description: if you want 64 then type 64 How is it beneficial: The new system bears absolutely no correlation to how exp bottles are used, certainly in dungeons for a start. The numbers make no sense...
  19. HydrofluoricAcid

    Griefing of the Invasions gate

    Player IGN NoahPion 19.50 ish BST Player NoahPion griefed the Invasions gate to death! poor gate! [19:51:20] [Render thread/INFO]: [CHAT] [Loner] WeeGee » ye [19:51:20] [Render thread/INFO]: [CHAT] [Dungeons] Invasion Event failed! The The Gate was DESTROYED! [19:51:25] [Render thread/INFO]...
  20. HydrofluoricAcid

    Goodbye [For Good, This Time]

    Hmmm not just me that feels this way about the online community that is Maestrea then! Man your decision is clearly heartbreaking so all the best with your life buddy. A video game much more though, I truly get it. Minecraft, the discography of C418 and ultimately Maestrea Server...
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