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    Maestrea Build Battles

    Short Description: 5,10,15 and 30 min build battles in which players are allowed to compete against each other in a variety of themes that are judged by the event runner Long Description: This is a rough idea but thought id get the thought out there, in my days of moderating on a creative build...
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    Tp-Kill xStarlight and KoocieDough - Tp Kill

    Hey, I was TP-Killed by xStarlight (nick is Josh), however his mate KoocieDough, also helped. Dont know if they both get punished, ill let you deal with that, but here are the logs.. [21:17:09] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Josh accepted your teleport request. [21:17:09] [Client thread/INFO]...
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    14i - Builder Application

    Minecraft Username: 14i Age(Required for reference, no age limit): 20 Do you have teamspeak?: Yes Server Play time (use /rank): 3 days 1 hour 25 mins Prefered Style Of building: What style of building are you most proficient at? if you feel you are good at more than one please state a list...
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    14i: Builder Application

    Minecraft Username: 14i (Formerly 14iCBi) Age: 19 Server Play time: 24 Hours Prefered Style Of building: Id say i am good at medieval builds, as well as Elven, Mythic, Fantasy. I'm open to trying any theme suggested, I enjoy terraforming (Landscaping) and making trees Earlier experience in...
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