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  1. KingWither

    Gender Reveal Party!

    Hello everyone, as you may have heard, I'm gonna be a dad (woohoo its fathers day)! To share some exciting news with you all, I would like to have you all take the time to predict what gender you think the baby will be (we just learned last week!) :D I plan to announce the reveal June 26...
  2. KingWither

    KingWither's YouTube Channel

    Hoi everyone! Gonna post my channel link here and probably only my Maestrea video links. Enjoy! Channel Link: KingWither YouTube Channel Maestrea Videos: Maestrea- Withernia Tower Fly By Maestrea- Flying Around My First Attempt At A Modern Build
  3. KingWither

    Additional Fly Speed Options

    Hello just a quick and possibly easy to implement suggestion. Since I started recording some videos for YouTube, I found a problem with making things cinematic with how fast I was flying. Would it be possible to have a reduced fly speed option in the fly speed command? Like 0.75 or 0.5 options...
  4. KingWither

    Withernia Museum Opens For International Museum Day!

    Hello all! To celebrate International Museum Day (May 18th), I have built up a little museum in my town. Feel free to come swing by /t spawn Withernia and use the diamond block elevators to make your way to the third floor. Or you can use /pwarp Withernia to get there directly! Here is a...
  5. KingWither

    Ban Forgiveness/Wipe To Revitalize Player Count

    With summer coming soon and the caves and cliffs update headed our way, people will have a bunch of free time on their hands and might be looking for a server that is updated. I already made a post about the upcoming update, but this suggestion may be another boost we need to increase our player...
  6. KingWither

    Jobs Suggestions Mega Thread 2.0

    Hello all! This is probably going to be too big so I’ll probably split it up in the comments. Check ‘em! Figured I’d take another crack at making a huge jobs suggestion post again. Link to the one from 3 years ago here (still relevant): Balancing Suggestions for Jobs | Maestrea First I’m...
  7. KingWither

    Spawning Elder Guardians For Diver (Custom Item)

    Since I put my workers on Diver I'm getting impatient with the last few levels. You know me, once something bothers me, I come up with a solution. I propose we provide a custom item recipe/custom recipe that gives an Elder Guardian spawn egg (not used in changing spawner types). The payout/exp...
  8. KingWither

    Main World Reset for Caves and Cliffs Update

    After seeing all of the unique features coming to Minecraft this next Summer, I took some time to sit down and think ahead to how I think Maestrea should handle this HUGE update that changes some fundamental parts of the game we all love. I feel like this would be a valuable addition/replacement...
  9. KingWither

    A Fix for the New Charms Changes

    I just thought of a way to make everyone happy by adding something to the server. Introducing: INFUSIONS. Mad that Relics don’t give potion effects? Don’t want to have to charm everything with expensive charm chisels to have what you had before the change? Much like how raid tiers can be...
  10. KingWither

    Was Bored Again, Here's Another Free Event Idea for Labor Day

    Labor Day Event: All of us here at Maestrea Incorporated appreciate all of the Hard Work™ you all put into earning money to give to our executiv… erm our “friend” Shady. As Labor Day is coming up next week in the United States, we are taking this time to Reward© you for all of your Hard Work™...
  11. KingWither

    Was Bored, Here's a Free Event Idea. Might do More.

    This is what the Event post would look like plus basic info to implement it, and it took me under an hour of work to come up with it. Hope this would be interesting to a lot of people. Please leave feedback or have staff read it for ideas. Back to School Event: With many people returning to...
  12. KingWither

    New Mob AI Tool/Command

    Hey all, I've been a bit frustrated lately because my villagers from a spawner haven't activated their AI yet since the passive mob purge that happened not too long ago. (First problem is that the most expensive crystal egg doesn't give you working villagers but that's another issue). Usually a...
  13. KingWither

    Random Relic/Raid Suggestions

    Making some random relic (or raid tier maybe?) idea suggestions! Won’t add lore , specific numbers to enchants, or color codes unless staff find some interest and want me to work on the basic idea suggestions further :D Aegis (Shield)- Higher tier or equal to vibranium with extra knockback...
  14. KingWither

    Maestrea KingWither/Queen_Wither Wedding Photos

    Re-uploading the wedding photos since forum page was lost *cry* Thanks for the wonderful time last year! :D
  15. KingWither

    Welcome Back to Withernia! Part 2

    UPDATE: Event will take place tomorrow (12/19) at 6pm Arizona time! (Also gdi there's a server event the same day I wanted to do mine. I tried to do this early so I wouldn't overlap anything REEEEE) Hey everyone! Long time no news huh? Don't worry, I didn't forget about throwing the second...
  16. KingWither

    Welcome Back To Withernia! Part 1

    EDIT: SINCE THERE WERE ONLY 10 ENTRIES AND I SECRETLY WAS GOING TO GIVEAWAY 10 TRIDENTS FOR EXTRA BONUSES, YOU ALL WIN! :D CONTACT ME IN GAME AND I'LL GET THE TRIDENTS TO YOU ASAP <3 Hello Maestreans! :D It's good to see you all back again, and I know things have been slow rolling off the...
  17. KingWither

    Other Vote Keys/Common Keys

    Voted and didn't get my 6 vote keys and common key reward, here's screenshot.
  18. KingWither

    Our Cares and Concerns

    As a trusted and senior member of this Maestrean community, I have a deep and constant concern about the state and general happiness of the server and the community itself. Over the years, I have seen many of the ups and downs that have occurred here. As I have the knowledge and experience...
  19. KingWither

    The Drowned Problem (And a Solution)

    So we all know that drowned only spawn in underwater structures with no items and only once on this server. Normally, drowned spawn all throughout the ocean and rivers fairly often, but nobody has seen drowned naturally spawning outside of the underwater structures, only converted from zombies...
  20. KingWither

    Other Missing Pig Egg From Vote Key

    Relogged to check if it was in my inventory since I didn't receive it from the key, forgot to screenshot, here's logs. [13:39:41] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] [Maestrea] Your crate has opened! [13:39:41] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] [mCrates] You have been given 2 Vote key. [13:39:51] [Client...
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