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  1. Nikko

    Nikko's Ban Appeal

    IGN: Nikko Reason for ban: Player Harassment Length of ban: Permanent Appeal: Had petty interactions with Kathy, I apologize, it was based on older confrontations. Will end contact immediately in both VC and in-game, and will also delete any homes relevant to this event. Proof(If needed)...
  2. Nikko

    Nikko's Ban Appeal

    IGN: Nikko Reason for ban: CPS Above 80 (Auto Ban) Length of ban: Permanent Appeal: Did it as a joke, to beat the previous record set not 10 minutes before my ban at 800 CPS. Unfortunately, even with my amazing macroing skills, I could only manage a measly 97. It was a shameful display, as I...
  3. Nikko

    Can I gift away my Emperor rank?

    It was gifted to me by a great player here on the server, but sadly I've stopped playing since. Realized I might be able to gift it away to someone who can't really afford it, so is this possible? Thanks. PS We should have a section on the forums titled "Questions".
  4. Nikko

    Political Correctness

    No racism, political discussions, or homophobia, warnings and mutes WILL be issued. Poor treatment of- or violence against people because of their race or sexual orientation. This includes any terms deemed derogatory, racist, homophobic, sexist, or any variant of said terms. Any use, including...
  5. Nikko

    Dual Screen Wallpapers of Spawn

  6. Nikko

    Maestrea Album - Last year or so

    I finally uploaded all the best Maestrea photos I've taken throughout the last year or so. Feel free to use any of them for whatever you want. Maestrea - Mostly from the last year
  7. Nikko

    You have some explaining to do

    Someone better do some explaining.
  8. Nikko

    Nikko's Helper Application

    Rank: Helper In-game name: Nikko Age: 16 Do you have TeamSpeak?: Yes Timezone/country: PST in-game Rank(use /rank): Elder Playtime(use /rank): 39 days, 15 hours, 21 minutes Earlier ban reasons(on other servers, if any): I believe I have one for saying "harambe" to staff repeatedly. Why...
  9. Nikko

    World Reset Poll

    Yes, yes, I know! This has been done, it's been voted on, I get it. BUT I really want a map wipe because the world is just so full of items, griefed towns, and old memories. This map has been up for over a year now, and I think it should get it's yearly wipe. There are so many fallen...
  10. Nikko

    Server-wide Wipe for 1.11

    So, at this point it's been discussed, and to my understanding, no reset will take place. Jobs, however, will be getting wiped anywhere from 1 to 2 months from now. There's a lot of performance issues, from redstone to mobs, plugins and just player count. Why not do a server reset? There are...
  11. Nikko


    Yes! This thread will be taking bets on the US Presidential Election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump! The way it works: This is a community bet. Money/items go to whoever you specify, which can be a single person, multiple people, or to the community as a whole. (i.e. drop party)...
  12. Nikko

    Another Maestrea cinematic thing

    Here's another Maestrea cinematic, consisting of actual video this time! Something I threw together over the past couple days, hope you like it.
  13. Nikko

    Here's a thing | Skyblock Turtle

    LadyMetallia's island for the skyblock build event! (Not mine) (That turtle is amazing tho) Audio got muted :/ Sorry Dandy. Another time... EDIT: Replaced audio with weird ad-free youtube music.
  14. Nikko


  15. Nikko

    Sand Castle Build Comp Results!

    Hey Maestreans! Thanks for bearing with us, I know it's been awhile since the last builds were completed, the event really slipped our minds. We've had so much going on, not to mention the insane amount of player growth that we've experienced this last month or so. Things are a bit different...
  16. Nikko

    Natuggla Photoshoot

    Collection of photos I took of Sierra's beautiful town. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  17. Nikko

    Build Competition Winners: Air Theme!

    Hello once again! Last week's build competition really kicked off, there were so many awesome builds that were submitted! Unfortunately, I am not a a wiz at this like Becks, so I can't tag the awesome photos. BUT! I can link them :D First place goes to tuckernewport! He wins: Lord Title* +2...
  18. Nikko

    Maestrea Timelapse!

    This is a time-lapse I threw together this evening, of all the somewhat cinematic shots I got of Maestrea since I joined. The very first, we start off with BAW2 and his first house, and we end with a tree outside of Tanelorn. The editing is choppy, but I'm new to iMovie so please forgive me :p...
  19. Nikko

    New Off-Topic/Misc. Section!

    As you can see, we just added a new section to our forums! This is for off-topic and Misc. threads. Currently three sub sections atm, Gaming, Discussions, and Movies/Shows/Music. Have any suggestions, post away!
  20. Nikko

    Taking a break

    Hey Maestreans, I'll be taking a break until sometime next month due to some health problems. Just thought I'd let y'all know ;)
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