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  1. Metallica4

    Metallica's Economy Team Application

    In-Game Name: Metallica4 Rank: Emperor/Overseer Age: 24 Do you have Discord: Yes Timezone/Country: Eastern Time, U.S In-game rank(use /rank): Pres 1 Legend Playtime(use /rank): 29 Days, 5 Hours Earlier ban reasons: I was previously banned before the reset...
  2. Metallica4

    Top Voters - November 2018

    Greetings all Maestreans! Hopefully you all had a good Thanksgiving(if you celebrate it!) and survived Black Friday(It was close for me). Thanks to everyone for voting and supporting the server once again this November! 1st place: jediknight95 - 212 votes Reward: $32 /buy voucher AND 3x...
  3. Metallica4

    Relic Suggestion Thread

    What is a Relic? A relic is a custom item that can give you powerful enchanted gear that can help you with dungeons, jobs, and more. Why a new thread? I'm creating this new thread so soon after the last thread was created due to Lilybobjoe(jd) no longer being a part of the content team and...
  4. Metallica4

    Metallica's Content Application

    In-Game Name: Metallica4 Rank: Emperor, Earl, Moderator Age: 23 Do you have Discord: Yes Timezone/Country: U.S/EST In-game rank(use /rank): Earl Playtime(use /rank): 7d 3h Earlier ban reasons: I was banned before the reset, you can find the full reasons here and here. What Content Team...
  5. Metallica4

    Metallica's Helper Application

    Rank: Helper In-game name: metallicat1000 (Nick is now Meta) Age: 23 Do you have teamspeak/discord?: Yes, I have both. Timezone/country: Eastern Time/ U.S in-game Rank(use /rank): Guardian Playtime(use /rank): 17 days, 8 hours Earlier punishments(warns, bans, on other servers or here, if...
  6. Metallica4

    Rank Rankup Failed

    In-game name: metallicat1000 Items lost:Warlock rank (Proof/Explanation): I ranked up to warlock, and when I ranked up, I noticed that nothing happened, I have a screenshot of my logs:
  7. Metallica4

    Item Lost Grinding Sword

    In-game name: metallicat1000(Metallica) Items lost: Butcher's Bloody Blade (Proof/Explanation): I was making room in my inventory and put a couple items in my backpack, no big deal there. A couple minutes later I went to take it out of my backpack and it was not there. I saw it go into the...
  8. Metallica4

    Oh Hi

    Hey guys, since the server's down, I'm really bored, so I might as well make one of these. For starters my ign is metallicat1000, and I've had that username ever since I started mc in late 2012, only changing it once for a meme. I used to only play factions, and was never one to like towny...
  9. Metallica4

    Other Restart Killed Jobs Boosts

    In-game name: metallicat1000 Items lost: 100% 1 hour Jobs Xp Boost (Proof/Explanation): I got a jobs xp boost since we had an active money boost, but we had horrendous lag, so we got a server restart, but after we came back the boosts were no longer working for me, so Jdrunnin said to make a...
  10. Metallica4

    Item Lost items to glitch in end

    In-game name: metallicat1000(Metallica) Items lost: Rancor of Oblivion, Nessie's Fins, Paladin's Leggins, Azurite Helmet, Durandal, Ice Breaker, a couple mythic and transcendent p8 pieces, about 20 repair gems, 10 god apples, and the rest of my backpack which I cannot remember the contents of...
  11. Metallica4

    Auto Ban Appeal

    IGN: metallicat1000 aka Metallica Reason for ban: Auto-ban for cps Length of ban: Permanent Appeal: As I got banned before for ignorantly using a friend's computer that apparently had a hacked client on it, you'd think I'd have learned not to use another's computer without making sure it...
  12. Metallica4

    Auto-Ban Ban Appeal

    IGN: metallicat1000 (Nick is Metallica) Reason for ban: Autobanned for cps. Length of ban: Currently permanently, hoping for reduced. Appeal: I recently got banned from the server automatically, at first I was very confused as to why I got banned. Then I realized immediately why: I logged...
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