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  1. Metallica4

    First introduction of 2021

    Welcome to the server! As Klozer said, if you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask!
  2. Metallica4

    St. Patrick's Pot of Gold... ENCORE! (Player-run event)

    Ign is Metallica4 Also good luck guys! (Your 5 entries are not worth an uwu, thanks)
  3. Metallica4

    Other Lost Shady Bottles

    This has been handled!
  4. Metallica4

    Maestrea Community Spotify Playlist (OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS)

    I'd like to see the following: Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica Cold by Crossfade This is a fun idea, am looking forward to what ends up on here
  5. Metallica4

    Wrongfully banned for X-ray

    Since your ban has officially run out, I will be closing this thread, please be sure to read our rules that are shown here. Since that was your first offense of X-Ray, you only got a temporary ban, but if you are caught again in the future, it will result in a permanent ban. With that being...
  6. Metallica4

    Wrongfully banned for X-ray

    Hey there, thanks for taking the time to make an appeal. Unfortunately, showing us your packs/versions after the fact isn't enough proof to unban you, mainly since you could have changed it before appealing. If you aren't using X-Ray, would you mind explaining how you found these diamonds...
  7. Metallica4

    Happy Anniversary Maestrea!

    Thanks loads for this event, it brought back loads of good memories, and lots of nostalgia! And yes 5 years is crazy.
  8. Metallica4

    Call me maybe or don't? lol

    Welcome back Bird!
  9. Metallica4

    Maestrea's 5th Anniversary

    It's crazy that mae will be 5 years old, despite my signature saying I joined in 2017, I technically joined in 2016, but got purged and forgot the exact date, so I noted the time I officially came back to be in 2017. It's been a wild ride and I wouldn't trade it for the world, I love this...
  10. Metallica4

    DaRealSalty's Helper Application

    Application denied. Since this is your first application, you may reapply in 1 month. If you would like feedback regarding this application, please contact an Admin+. Closing thread.
  11. Metallica4

    Christal's Halloween Giveaway

    Thanks for the giveaway! Metallica4
  12. Metallica4


    Welcome to the server! We hope you like it, and if you need help, feel free to ask!
  13. Metallica4

    Always lol

    Always lol
  14. Metallica4

    Hello all! Nuny

    Welcome back Nunya! Glad to have you and good luck with those spheres/circles you were messing with lol
  15. Metallica4

    Ban Appeal

    Hello! Thank you for making an appeal! As I mentioned in your friend's appeal, autofishers aren't allowed, you can also check our other rules out here. Since this is also your first offense, I will be unbanning you as well this time. Hope to see you online! Appeal Accepted Thread Closed
  16. Metallica4

    Ban Appeal and apology

    Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to make an appeal! Autofishers indeed aren't allowed. Since this was your first offense and you did not use it very much, I will be removing your ban, but be sure to review our rules here. Hope to see you again on the server! Appeal Accepted Thread Closed
  17. Metallica4

    The Because I Feel Nice Giveaway! <3

    IGN: NicoNicoNiiiiii Rank: Prestige 1 Earl Good luck guys and thanks for the giveaway!
  18. Metallica4

    Goodbye [For Good, This Time]

    Sometimes the hardest decisions made work out really well, and I truly do wish the best for you and good luck in your endeavors. It was a pleasure to work with you as staff and on content. Sad to see you go, but life always comes first. Again, good luck with everything you do, I wish you the...
  19. Metallica4

    Rapodako's Arrived!

    Welcome to the server! Hope your time here is good, and if you need any help, feel free to let us know.
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