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    Post me some memes please I need dankness in my life
  2. _The_Rod_God_

    400k giveaway event!

    Very sorry for all those who voted for Saturday, November 12th, my aunt is on her deathbed, and I have to go visit her one last time, so I am unable to host the event that day. The CaH (Cards Against Humanity) event for my bounty and some other prizes which I'll throw in will be held on...
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    CaH event for 400k!

    This is my bounty giveaway! :D Sorry to players in different timezones, I have a pretty busy schedule, and I don't think I can stay up extremely late to accommodate everyone :( I know many players wanted RNG because they felt that it would give them a bigger chance at winning, but I thought...
  4. _The_Rod_God_

    My 400k bounty

    Hey guys, if you haven't already read my post, I've decided that I will no longer be actively playing on the server. More info down below: Anyways, I still have a 400k bounty on my head, and I wonder, how shall I deal with this? :P...
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    My goodbye

    Hey guys, I think that this is the end of my time on Maestrea. Just a foreword: For those who didn't know me, I was one of the first players to EVER join Maestrea. I was here to see the first town go up, the first ever kill on the server, and I was one of the first staff ever promoted. I was...
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    Server crashed?

    Date + time: 7/13/2016 19:02 EST Server disconnected randomly, and people were slowly leaving...
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    Hey guys, I'm pretty bored so I'm offering to help people for free. Just /msg The_Rod_God what you need. I will NOT be giving handouts, and I probably wont help you if you beg, but other than that, anything is fine. Just please, try to not have it be repetitive. But yeah, I'll be happy to...
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    Give me gud jokes

    So I'm feeling like everyone has hilarious jokes which are begging to be told. Don't worry guys, I got you. Joke thread inbound. I'll start us off Why does the programmer need glasses? Because he can't C#
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    PvP request

    I'm really bored. I'm requesting PvP, anyone is welcome to fight, groups are welcome. I will solo 1vX any amount of people. If you manage to kill me without breaking my armor, I will give the victor one unobtainable item from the server's past! Good luck fellow Maestreans! P.S. If you guys...
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    KeepInventory system (PvP)

    I haven't been playing much on the server because not much has been happening lately. This is because no one is PvPing due to fear of losing items, dungeons are too easy, grinding cash is extremely boring, and there are honestly no items which I could work towards. I am proposing a system where...
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    For all those players who have low FPS or want to use zoom, the waiting days are over :D Optifine officially released their 1.9 download and it's now available to all. This means that everyone can have FPS stabilization, zoom, plus a huge amount of control over your graphics. For all those...
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    Man for hire

    Hey guys, it's your friendly neighborhood helper, Rod. :D So I've been pretty bored as of lately, and I was wondering if anyone had any jobs, tasks etc. which I could do. Prices could be negotiated (I might even work for free ;) ), and I will be willing to do most jobs. They can be huge and...
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    Shield of El Cid

    It gives fire resistance 3 and the effect ID for resistance and fire resistance is 11 and 12. I think that you might have mixed them up frank.
  14. _The_Rod_God_

    Dank frank

    Add yo dank frank memes below :D (Pls frank i fna no ban pls)
  15. _The_Rod_God_

    Empire wand

    Wand plugin, could potentially replace wizardly magic Empire Wand Demonstration: Wizardly magic: Wizardly Magic - Bukkit Give a vote to see which you like better :D
  16. _The_Rod_God_

    Anti xray plugins

    I found some below, so check them out and see if they'll work with our server :D Orebfuscator Anti X-Ray XRay Informer OreNotify [Anti XRay] XRayLogger
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    More custom enchantment options :D

    Custom Enchantments Adds a ton of special enchants plus special items with abilities. Vote and drop some suggestions! Items: Custom Enchantments - Custom Items - Bukkit Enchants: Custom Enchantments - All Enchantments - Bukkit
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    Socket Pliers

    I was wondering if we could add an item which could remove applied socket gems from an item. This would randomly choose one and remove it from the item it is applied upon. It should cost 8 soul gems + one light dust or something around that to increase the value of the item and make it...
  19. _The_Rod_God_

    Custom Enchantments Suggestion Thread

    I remember this being mentioned beforehand, and I was wondering if a thread for suggesting possible custom enchantments be added soon?
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    Duel me :D

    Heya, it's Rod here again, I've been really bored lately so I will take duel offers. Terms: We agree on a stake, so you can stake an amount/item and I will match it, and this will be agreed on by both parties. (No stake, fun pvp is fine) Items will always be returned on death, unless...