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  1. Sludder1337

    What was one of your most defining moments in life?

    Question is simple, yet complex, which is something I really like. What was one of your most defining moments in life? My defining moment, the one thing that changed how I look at anything and everything must be my trip to Texas. It might seem boring and simple to someone already in Texas, but...
  2. Sludder1337

    Friendship, what would you do for your best friend?

    So me and a dear friend of me had an interesting conversation, just now a few minutes ago. I thought it would make for an interesting thread, and so here it is. I tend to make threads about questions that I want to gather opinions on, so here it goes. We can all say "I'd take a bullet for you"...
  3. Sludder1337


    I'm going to take very long nap now, I do not know when I'll be back. I would make a big rant thread, but I know how hard it is so run a server effectively and I know deep down that most of the staff members really try to do their best, but they can't always satisfy everyones needs. If it is...
  4. Sludder1337

    Skyblock Rank = Poof

    So I bought a rankupgrade, from Harpy to Cloud, costs 770$. Only to find out it doesn't work and I didn't get the title. The money went poof though. Others have been having the same problem. It's weird because other people are ranked as Cloud, why can't I and the others this happened to...
  5. Sludder1337

    Skyblock Money = Poof

    I asked Soap, 12/10/2016 if I would lose my balance/rank when I created a new island. He said no. [18:32:40] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] §byou §9? §b§6S§eoap§r §9» §f§fI know we lose all our shit in our backpacks and stuff when we leave/create a new island [18:32:45] [Client thread/INFO]...
  6. Sludder1337

    Sludd's application

    Sludder1337's Staff Application Rank: Helper In-game name: Sludder1337 Age: 19 years old Do you have teamspeak?: Yes. Timezone/country: GMT+1 Norway in-game Rank(use /rank): Paladin (Haven't really focused on ranking up though) Playtime(use /rank): 3 days and 4 hours - Towny 7 hours and...
  7. Sludder1337

    I apologize from the deepest of my heart

  8. Sludder1337

    Exceeding letter limit per message / Currently muted

    Hey gals and pals. Apparantly I'm muted and I cannot message anyone regarding the matter either, so here goes. It's a bug, because I didn't get muted by a staff member. I was replying to a person in chat, I wrote a long and detailed response, pressed enter and this came up in chat. It...
  9. Sludder1337

    Favorite drink/beverage?

    Hey gals & pals! So I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day and we were discussing what kind of beer we liked the most. So let's mix things up, name a non-alcoholic drink and a alcoholic drink - could be anything this world has to offer! If you're below the drinking age or simply...
  10. Sludder1337

    Offer a newborn child only one piece of advice

    If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be? This is an interesting question and would make a lovely thread, so here it goes. My advice to the newborn baby would be to always be grateful. Sit down and reflect, think about the less fortunate - always have them...
  11. Sludder1337

    Modded minecraft - Modpacks

    Hey guys! So I'm thinking about creating my very own custom modpack, modifying and changing things to my liking. Do you have any suggestions? Any modpack I should take base in? What are your favorite mods? Which mods go hand in hand togheter in your opinion? Any help is highly appreciated, and...
  12. Sludder1337


    Hey guys! I love guns, I love hunting and I love nature. All these things go hand in hand for me. I thought it would be a cool idea to make a gun thread to connect to other hunters or just lovely gun people! Do you own a gun, if yes which gun? What do you use it for? Doesn't matter if you've...
  13. Sludder1337

    Ideas for a game?

    Hello everyone. I like to do loads of different things as some of you know, and I need some help. I make indie games from time to time but I'm open to anything really. I mainly make games for smartphones, so a idea that would not be too complex would be nice. A good concept/idea for a game...
  14. Sludder1337

    Did someone say energy drinks? Sludder here!

    Hey boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. I present to you... Sludder! That has to be one of the most awkward intros I've ever done, lol. I'm 19 years old and I love energy drinks, and I am in general a very happy and uplifting person, I am in love with the prettiest girl a man could find. I...