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  1. Foxgguy2001

    Yeah know how it goes, everyone goes through seasons of a sort..

    Yeah know how it goes, everyone goes through seasons of a sort..
  2. Foxgguy2001

    Vote Party

    Yessss, return of voteparty crates?! Hope so. (dunno about all that parkour mess ;) )
  3. Foxgguy2001

    Super cool man, glad to see you back! What've you been up to during your break? :p

    Super cool man, glad to see you back! What've you been up to during your break? :p
  4. Foxgguy2001

    I need more blocks

    I don't know that they should further feed your addiction Would be cool to see like a netherite block though, that'd be neato. (but you have a problem john) :p
  5. Foxgguy2001

    Fox's Maestrea Wallpapers

    Hey fellow Maestreans! Just adding a thread here with all the Maestrea related wallpapers for view and download:
  6. Foxgguy2001

    Maestrea V3 Suggestions

    This sounds really cool to me. Something along the lines of a random giga or varson, something where you'd have to call for help...might be encountered by players who might not engage in dungeons. Could be very cool. Or even just some of the random but much harder mobs from kira valley with...
  7. Foxgguy2001

    Increase entity render distance

    I noticed this change too, I don't think it was initially like this, and was changed around the time the lag spikes were being investigated I think? If the cause was found to be something else, hopefully this will be reverted.
  8. Foxgguy2001

    We totally miss your art in Mae v3 Zev <3

    We totally miss your art in Mae v3 Zev <3
  9. Foxgguy2001


    I was absolutely for the increase, but a 10x upkeep increase coupled with jobs being 2-4x harder, loses of jobs cookies, mworkers, a very limited economy, there are a whole lot of things that have coalesced to make things exponentially more difficult. I'm of the opinion that town costs should...
  10. Foxgguy2001

    Happy Birthday man!

    Happy Birthday man!
  11. Foxgguy2001


    You'll definitely find that the staff and playerbase are very supportive of this type of thing if they know about it. It's pretty routine to see or hear about players helping each other, even keeping towns afloat for others by paying into them. We've had people hit us up on discord and mention...
  12. Foxgguy2001

    Interesting GUI Idea

    oof yeah, just thinking about 50+ people all with different new counters ticking away for souls, blocks mines, mobs, etc. at the same time... I could see how that'd be a big hit to performance. I may be happier without it. I think even if we did have server resources to spare it'd be better...
  13. Foxgguy2001

    Interesting GUI Idea

    This was very cool to see as a potential idea though, I was really eyeballin the stattrack stuff to track how many blocks mines, mobs killed, souls collected etc. That was really cool feature I hadn't even thought about before.
  14. Foxgguy2001

    Towny Price Adjustment

    Pre-reset I was definitely one of the players asking for a town/tax increase. Our town was 572 plots on the last map, with 3 outposts, and I was easily able to keep that up by myself when my townmates went inactive. I was a little shocked to see it increase tenfold, but like Dream and others I...
  15. Foxgguy2001

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  16. Foxgguy2001

    Maestrea V3 (the 1.18.1 Update you've all been waiting for)!

    In case you missed the v3 launch, I was able to capture some footage here and there of the launch day fun!
  17. Foxgguy2001

    Fox's Content Developer Application (not game content)

    I would like the staff teams consideration in allowing me to apply for a content development position. It would not allow me to post without selecting a prefix. I know this is outside of the norm and not something being actively recruited for, but I think there may be an opportunity to help...
  18. Foxgguy2001

    IMPORTANT 1.18 Reset

    Here's a quick update graphic with some sneak peeks of content changes to towny spawn and creative as we all eagerly await completion of the 1.18 update/reset!
  19. Foxgguy2001

    IMPORTANT 1.18 Reset

  20. Foxgguy2001

    IMPORTANT 1.18 Reset

    More hype! Jare is getting in touch with his feminine side... ;)