1. 1

    I rebuilt an abandoned base

    So, i found a base that was apparently abandoned. i had no chests, furnaces or Crafting tables. parts of the floor were missing. So, here are some galleries Outside Inside
  2. D

    Scam Mystery Brews

    Recently (august 23 2016) I was trying forever to find out the recipe for a mystery brew. I asked market chat and some guy named AppetizerArdvark messaged me and said he will teach me fire shot, lucky, and hoppy for 2000 dollars. I said ok and he said to give him the money first. Then I gave him...
  3. Z

    GlowTree Home of the Grand Brewery

    GlowTree is a new town currently populated by 6 residents nestled in a plains valley around 15000 blocks from spawn in 2 directions. we are willing to accept any players that are willing to join us! some of the things we currently have at your disposal for all residents to freely use (there...
  4. TurbidContention

    Barrels and Beer: A Complete Guide to Brewing (with recipes)

    This post is intended to be an encyclopedia of brewing knowledge, condensing everything that is known across all forums and bukkit posts. I will be maintaining and updating the post as the plug-in evolves. The somewhat difficult brewing process rewards you with a diversity of Potions, which...
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