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Apr 30, 2016
Minecraft Username: 14i

Age(Required for reference, no age limit): 20

Do you have teamspeak?: Yes

Server Play time (use /rank): 3 days 1 hour 25 mins

Prefered Style Of building: What style of building are you most proficient at? if you feel you are good at more than one please state a list: Id say i am good at medieval builds, as well as Elven, Mythic, Fantasy. I'm open to trying any theme suggested, I probably enjoy the most and am best at terraforming (Landscaping, Natural settings) and making trees

Earlier experience in working on a build team: do you presently or have you in the past worked in a team?
As well as previously being a Maestrea Builder, I Used to moderate on the Mithrintia creative server and was involved in some build projects on the server. I also moderated a creative server called Athion, one or the requirements for becoming a moderator on both is being an adept builder. On both servers one of the moderating tasks was to review other peoples work and deem whether or not they were ready for a rank promotion or not, doing this helped me establish what a bad build is, what a good build is and what an amazing build is. I worked with the Build team both casually and on one or two builds, i didn't want to join the build team at that time as i preferred being a moderator.

In your own words tell us why you want to become a builder: I got demoted due to inactivity last time round as i was very busy at that time in my life but things are more chilled out now so i would love continue what i was doing before

Finally, show us some examples of past builds (2+ Required):
Server HUB Minecraft Project (PMC Build i uploaded) 14i - Builder Application #nofilter (imgur album of past builds i could find) Also helped WhiteWiz with a lot of the Dungeon 5
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