2+ year old perm ban brought over from Elyssia

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Mar 19, 2017
IGN: Skaibae
Reason for Ban: "transfer_Advertising server to be DDOS'd, Leaking Staff Information"
Length of Ban: Permanent; banned on 2016-09-05
Banned by: Micc
Hello, staff of Maestrea. In 2016, I played on the server Elyssia, which you recently merged with. After playing I rose to the rank of Moderator. I enjoyed my time there, and I would hope many others would say that they did as well. I always tried to serve the community as best as I could. However, following certain actions taken by the owner at the time, Micc, which need not be gone over here, I resigned my position, and posted a thread explaining my reasons for leaving, including what I didn't like about the actions taken by Micc. While I had hoped that I could leave the staff team peaceably, and perhaps still play on the server as a member, the thread unfortunately and quickly devolved into a spitting match between myself and Micc. As he addressed my points, he responded in a rather personal way, and seemed to take what I said as personal insults. A few days after I posted the resignation (it may have been longer or shorter - the events took place more than two years ago and so I therefore do not remember all the details) I realized I was banned from the server, on entirely false charges of "Advertising server to be DDOS'd, Leaking Staff Information".
I filed a ban appeal, but this was deleted. A few months later, I posted another ban appeal, on another forums account, for my previous one was having trouble using the forums (slowness loading the page) - this too was deleted without a response. You may wish that I post a link to my resignation thread as well, but, unsurprisingly, this too was deleted. The only record I can find of what was actually said on the page is a post to r/mcservers, where Elyssia was advertised, and former user Crismodin cited my resignation as an example of Micc's lack of professionalism: https://www.reddit.com/r/mcservers/comments/4yq2fg . Note that I do not necessarily agree with everything Crismodin has ever said, nor his way of saying it; I link that post because it is one of the few mentions I can find of my resignation. However, I quote Micc himself in this thread when I say that "Crismodin is a well-known, well-respected member of the community".
My two Elyssia forum accounts, with the ban appeals and my resignation deleted, are here and here. I hope that the first one (for that is the only one I actually used as an account during my time on the server) can serve as a testament to my calmness, friendliness, and lack of bad intentions towards the server during my time there, as well as now.
Regarding the actual charges against me: The charges are entirely false, and I have never seen any proof to support them. I personally would love to see whatever proof Micc has against me, because then we could have a discussion about what I allegedly did. However, neither I nor you, the staff of Maestrea, will ever see such evidence because it doesn't exist. While I don't want to talk poorly about someone for something they did years ago, I believe that Micc claimed I did these things in order to delegitimize the complaints I made against the server, as well as to limit me from being a potential "thorn in his side" in the future. It saddens me that someone would do such a thing to someone who poses no threat, and that they consider slander a viable solution to criticism.
(I would also like to say that, should anyone be able to produce a copy of my resignation thread, I would love to see it as well.)
I am not, nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be, perfect. I am sorry that I left the Elyssia server as unceremoniously as I did. While I 100% stand by the criticisms I made in my resignation, and will not apologize directly for them, it could have been deemed more professional to give them to Micc privately, as opposed to a public release.
To Micc: I know that I have grown as a person in the last two years. I hope that others would agree with me that I have matured, and that I am more able to respond to insults in a polite way. I hope that you have as well, and that, should we ever meet again, it shall be in a positive environment, where we can be friends, or, at the very least, friendly acquaintances.
To the staff of Maestrea: I know that this appeal might be difficult to process, as it happened so long ago on a server that you had no link to at the time. Furthermore, this could be seen as a "he said, she said" between myself and Micc, where I would probably lose due to Micc's position in the server. I hope that you will consult former and current staff members of Elyssia in making your decision, as well as take a look at my forum account on Elyssia. I am confident that a great majority of those who served on the Elyssia staff team when I did will agree that I have always tried to approach situations with politeness, calmness, and understanding, and that when I failed I owned up to my mistakes.
I thank you for your time in reading and processing this appeal. While I hope I have made it clear in this post that the charges against me are entirely false and created, I accept whatever verdict you come to.


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Sep 27, 2016
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After discussing this with some staff members who had firsthand knowledge of the situation in question, we've decided that the ban will stay in place.

Appeal denied, thread closed.
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