A Guide For Starters (Updated)


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Aug 3, 2017
Hello Maestreans! This is a guide for people to use if they need some help getting started! It covers the main features you are likely to use when starting out, however, it does not go into too much depth. So make sure to also check out /tut & /faq in-game.

Reward Chests.png
These Reward Chests will be found at /spawn on the left. They will contain random custom items each day/week, so make sure to check them!
Daily Bonus.png
The Daily Bonus Parrot can be found at /spawn on the right. Claiming the Daily Reward continually, will earn you a better reward each day, until it reaches day 28, where it will reset back to day 1.

Here is the list of current voting rewards:
Vote Rewards 1.png
Vote Rewards 2.png
To vote, simply do /vote sites, click the link which takes you to the vote sites. As you see, voting can give some amazing rewards, but don't forget voting is optional. However, I highly recommend voting as it can help greatly in getting started!

Now that you have all these rewards, you will want somewhere to store them all. The only way to claim land is via towns, therefore joining a town is very important.
Newcomer town.png
Here is how you join our very own Newcomer Town! Located at /spawn on the left. Simply speak to this Donkey to join it. Once you have joined, do /t spawn to get to the town itself. Once you arrive at the town, you will find that there are many plots. Some will already be claimed by others and therefore will have their own builds in them. I suggest running around the town and entering plots until you find one which says, 'Unowned - [For Sale: $0.00]'. Once you find a plot which says this, simply do /plot claim to claim the plot as your own! You can use this plot to store all your items and even to make a house. However, this is just a Newcomer Town and this means you can only stay there for a week.

Another way to find a town is by asking in chat! It's a very friendly community and the chances are that if you ask, someone will have a town you can join.

Jobs are the easiest and most reliable of making money on the server. Do /jobs browse to bring up the following menu:
Jobs Browse.png
Left click any of the jobs to see what you have to do to receive money while in the job. Right click to join one of the jobs. You begin with only 2 job slots, meaning you can only join 2 jobs at a time. You can unlock more job slots by ranking up. As you level up a job, the money you receive from the job increases, capping out at level 100. Also at level 100, you receive a special job title for that job which can be equipped using /title under the job titles section.

Note that Miner and Digger jobs only pay in /resource.

Once you have earned some money, you can start to /rankup. Doing this gives you some nice perks which can be found if you do /ranks. Once you have ranked up, do /title and look under rank titles to equip your new rank title.

There are also some ranks which are purchased via Buycraft such as Baron/Baroness. Check out /donor to see all the donor ranks and their perks.

McMMO is a feature which enhances your general play of the server. It grants you access to special skills and abilities. Check out /mcstats to see your current Mcmmo levels. Do /mcmmo:[skillname] to see how that skill affects you.

If you have unredeemed credits, these can be spent on levelling up your Mcmmo levels. Do /redeem to apply these credits to a skill.
Do /credits pay (username) (amount) to pay another player Mcmmo Credits.

The McMMO Wiki is Located Here

Now that you have all these custom items, you would probably like to know what to do with them. Some of them can be used at the Custom Crafter in recipes for other items. You will also find him at /spawn.
Custom Crafter.png

You would have received some Vote Keys from voting, these can be used at /crates, along with any other Keys you receive (except from Lock Checkers). Left click crates to see what you can receive from them along with the chances of receiving each item. Right click the crate while holding a key to open it. If a key isn't working, try /olditems.

There are also other crates you may need to know about:

Supporter Crate - Located at /warp bars. Keys are obtained from BuyCraft
Premium Crate - Located at /warp bars. Keys are obtained from BuyCraft
Maestrean Crate - Located at /maestrean. Keys are obtained from Shady Trader
Title Crate - Located at /titlecrate. Keys are obtained from Shady Trader
Dungeoneer Crate - Located in /dungeons, across the bridge to the left, then left again into the cave. Keys are obtained from the Custom Crafter in /dungeons

There are 6 Tiers of Bottles you can get:
Regular > Pure > Spellbound > Legendary > Eternal > Mythic
They can all be obtained from the Custom Crafter. Once opened, Tiered Bottles give you a random piece of gear of that Tier. Tiered Bottles are a good way to get early game gear.

There are also other Tiers such as:

Relic - Obtained from: Voting, Crates, Custom Crafting, Daily/Weekly Rewards, and Shady Trader.
Dungeoneer - Obtained from: Dungeons.
Raid - Obtained from: Dungeon Caches, Divine Relics.
Tungsten - Obtained from: Shady Trader, Buycraft.
Trader - Obtained from: The Dungeon Trader.
Event - Obtained from: Seasonal Events.

You can obtain Tiered Essence from crushing Tiered Items. A Tiered Item will give the same Tier of Essence when crushed (note that Raid, Trader, Event and Tungsten items can't be crushed and don't have Essence)

You will find the Item Crusher at /spawn, if you go across the bridge on the left.

How to Crush
As you can see from these pictures, Crushing becomes more efficient when you have higher Salvage Mcmmo. You will also require a certain level in the Blacksmith job to crush certain tiers. For example, Mythic tier requires Blacksmith level 50 to crush.

I hope this helps! Also make sure to check out /tut & /faq in-game!
Along with the server Wiki & Rules
This is just a guide for starters. For a detailed overview of Maestrea's features, check out the Complete Tutorial
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Feb 6, 2021
I'm trying to claim an available plot in the Newcomer Town, but every time I input the /plot claim command it says I dont have the permissions?


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Mar 30, 2019
Michigan, United States
I'm trying to claim an available plot in the Newcomer Town, but every time I input the /plot claim command it says I dont have the permissions?
Is the plot currently for sale? When you walk into the plot it would say For Sale [$0.00] or something of that sort.

Also have you made sure to join New_Maestrea? Use /t join New_Maestrea

If you are still having problems, I would suggest possibly asking a staff member in game or using our support channel in discord.
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