A small Wither tutorial


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May 23, 2017
So you want some cool Beacon buffs and and have got your hands on some Wither skeleton skulls from a lucky crate key but you're a bit unsure about killing it with the gear you have?
well fear not you won't have to scramble around withered in a crater in the resource world this tutorial will show you how to summon and kill it from the safety of your towny plot!

Stuff you need:
a towny plot
some blocks
a weapon
and of course the wither skulls and soul sand

First build something like this in your towny plot:
its a box that the the Wither will be trapped in (a Wither is about 3 blocks tall so the 2 block gap ensures you easy access to poke it with your weapon of choice while trapping the wither within)
But i hear you ask: won't it blast its way out with explosions?
fear not: towny prevents any explosion damage!

Before you summon it check:
Mobs are enabled in the plot as you don't want it immediately vanishing (use /plot toggle mobs)
Explosions are disabled as you don't want property damage (use /plot toggle explosion)

When you are ready build the wither inside the box and then quickly back out of range

and now the wither is trapped at your mercy you can kill it, make rude gestures at it or even leave it there as a pet!
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