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Oct 14, 2016
In-Game Name: accaac
Age: 21
In-game rank(use /rank): Regent, no Prestige.
Playtime(use /rank): 60+ days in older version, 1.5 days for the present server (if you think I am not meeting the requirement, please wait for just a little while, I will get the playtime within a short time.)

Do you have Discord (if yes, include your name): Yes, with mic. Discord id: ccaa0w0 #9700
Timezone/Country: Western Canada
Earlier ban reasons: Did not even received any kind of warning from staffs.

What Content Team you will be applying to.
Quests [open] (But I am only informed with the knowledge required, not familiar with it. Of course I will try to learn it if you get me to this place.)
Economy [Closed] (Just in case if it is not closed, please remember me LOL. Personally think the economy in the server have spaces to improve. See suggestions post.)
Jobs [H
and selected] (Please remember me if this is open LOL. Personally think the jobs in the server have spaces to improve. See suggestions post.)

Why should we pick you:
Being in Maestrea for about 2 years, I mainly plays with towny server, plus some research in the dungeon server nowadays. Although I cannot see any friends from the old times, I am still having the same playstyle and making new friends in the server. However, I have a strong feeling that the server is losing too many things that was making the server having more fun. For example, the division of labor in Maestrea early times, custom brewery for relaxation gaming, are diminishing in Maestrea. So I think I should do some work to let the hard made content becoming popular again, also bringing more features. This is the reason I would prefer one of these positions, which I can get the chance to try making the present situation of the server better.

What do you enjoy most about development:
Every decision has its effects to other stakeholders and the environment. Therefore, I would like to see how the server would be changed by players and staffs. Observing the situation would not mean knowing how to deal with the situation, so I am enjoying testing how I can have the influence to the server.

Portfolio/Information to backup experience claims:
If the server still having records of very old times, near the time of giving 1st Anniversary Cake to everyone, I designed a lag machine (Scythe578: It's you!) based on limits of the server at that time, where I can easily reach jobs limit while no one (even the /baltop players) even notices about the jobs limit. This proves my familiar with the server jobs system. (where the jobs system only changes with jobs paid when I left, with some minor systems added, i.e. jukeboxes, crushers with blacksmith levels needed)
Played with market at early times, gathering bunny charms and sold them with a very expensive price, from 40K to 150K. (Sorry if you are one of the victims, but I nearly forgot everything about what I have done :p) Earned more than 4M balance, where the richest player only got 21M worth (estimated, with formal methods) assets. (Then the server resets just after this, what a pity for me LOL) This proves the knowledge of the economy of server, at least familiar with the economy system. (However, the economy starts to turn into a straight path, everything can be get once a player stays in the server long enough.)

p.s. If you are denying my application, please tell me the reason. Then I can try to fix that problem. This works if I am being accepted. More potential applicants can make references base on your reply. Thanks.


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Jun 15, 2017
Hello. I'll to addressing this application in a manner that differs from the norm, as the application within itself, is an oddity to say the least.
First, your application is null as in your haste, it would see you failed to take note of the application template "Been on the server for a month, check /res for registered date." You joined on the 17th of this month.

Now, I'd like to highlight a few things that, to be blunt, I find extremely rude on your part.
You join the server, as you say, first time in over a year, run around for twenty minutes and start to complain about the server in general.
You then proceed to rush to the forums and make and enormous "Suggestion" thread(s), knowing nothing of the economy, nor the jobs or really anything at all about the server, as, any information you may have had is dated by over a year at the least, yes, a year.

Lets highlight a few of the demands, suggestions you made in those threads
"To be honest, I was playing this server since 2 years ago. Finding the server initially having 300+ online players most of the days, turning into a dead server"

The server cap was never more than 120, ever, it's not even, nor was it ever psychically possible to have 300 players online at one time. We do quite well at prime hour's reaching over 50+ easily with a solid, friendly community. Try playing when its NOT 5 am US time.

"Fix or Delete Unnecessary Plugins and Systems. There are so many plugins and systems setup in the past bringing negative impact to the players. For example, the warp shop should be deleted'

You want us to delete the entire /shop because you believe it to have a negative impact on players. This is inane, to be polite. As for any fixing, frank and the admins are constantly fixing and solving bugs, issues and more, it's not an easy task, nor is it considered fun, yet it is made a top priority to ensure everything is working as intended, a lot of time and energy goes into this.

"Give players a target to play. The plugins are great competitively to other servers nowadays, but personally I cannot see any target for players to work with."

Players are free to pick and choose their reasoning's for playing, playing with friends, building, grinding (We have three prestiges and an enormous amount of collectable content, dungeons, raids and more and frank and the content /admin teams are always working hard devising more content, fixes and more for the community. (Currently two servers in the works, Elyssia and skyblock)

"Change the playstyle of the players. This server is a minecraft server, not a typical online game developed by unity3D or UE"

No idea what you're even talking about here, but, you join, twenty minutes later, wanting to force change on a community you do not even know, really? The play-style is to play and have fun, with friends, by yourself etc, whichever you desire as long as it falls within the rules.

These are just a few of the inane and rude suggestions/demands from your threads. From disallowing players to have their own towns and forcing them to be apart of giant towns, to completely deleting all of the jobs and content and remaking it how you personally see fit.

To recap, You join the server, twenty minutes later, rush to the forums, profess how much you loathe the content, call the server dead, go into detail how you want to change every aspect of the server, content, play-style and jobs to your personal whim with zero understanding and regard for the community and players within it. Then, you proceed to make a content application, wanting us to allow you the position and tools to go about doing all of this.

I care very much for the server and community, having played on here for years and amassed well over 300 days playtime, seen many friends come and go over the years. I do apologize if I come off as rude, however, you've been nothing but rude to the server and community and all those that have and do put great time and effort into keeping everything intact. I do not recall you from the past, and I question your claim of 60 days playtime, your IGN is not familiar either and bears a striking resemblance to keyspam.

We love suggestions of all sort and types and forms, it helps make the server great and allows us to constantly improve. Joining and then a short while later making enormous demands full of personal bias that would greatly harm the community is not something we love.


Application denied and all future applications will be denied as well. Thread closed.
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