Aestethic Building Guide


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May 8, 2016
General building and architecture:

Martenus's Architecture Guide
WellStarbursts' Building with Starbursts
Emily's guide to Aesthetically Pleasing Homes
Sir_Terrible's Tutorial World for Building Houses
Featherblade's Elites of Minecraft Architecture Guide
NotTart5's Exterior House Design
BenJ's Ultimate Guide to making things look good
Nerd Cubed's guide to House Design
Mexxy's Exterior and Interior design
Mexxy's Dynamic Builds Guide
Durandal of Aegis's Minecraft Home Design
Durandal of Aegis's Medieval Minecrafting
KupoKupo's Hermit House complete build
JamziboyMinecraft's Tutorials: Medieval and more
Common Mistakes while Building
DDMLifer's Guides to Houses
NotTart5's Multi Storey House
Peridox's Bevelled Building Tutorial
Peridox's Golden Ratio
Peridox's Building Outlines
ClintosTheGreat's Japanese Style Structure Tutorial
Drunkturtle's Endstone Wall
Nofear220's Biome Specific Walkways
Chipnick87's Wooden Buttons as support structures

Circles, spheres and the like:

Cleminou's circles on walls using stairs
Mineconic's Circle and Ellipsis generator
Dothevenos's guide to Circles and Helixes
A simple guide to circles
Another simple guide to circles
Making spheres, specific circles or part of spheres
Quchen's Perfect Spheres

Furniture and Interior Design:

Chr12t0pher's hugigantic interior design guide
Nerd Cubed's guide to Furniture
The MinecraftWiki's guide to Furniture
YourHowToMinecraft's guide to Furniture
Hellarios852's floor designs
MinecraftFurniture's website
Minecraftdesignwiki's wiki
MoltasLaben's Ceiling design
Formidine's Ceiling Beams
DeadAlready and other's Interior Design Ideas
Netdorf(?)'s Witch Cauldron
GotTact-'s Stairs as windowsills
Shlipster's 80s chopped wall
SteelCow's Houndstooth Ceiling Pattern
Shilpster's 80's Chopped Wall Design
Reiconex's Television
Lingeringibex's Baseboards
_Andy23's Floor/ceiling patterns
Smizel's mandatory Mousehole This is now a necessary component of all houses.
CatloverCrossing341's Furniture Compendium
Richbellmare's Puke-covered Tables
Riathar's desks with chairs that you can sit in
Simonsays476's couches (he says so)
TheJohnMajor1's appropriate use of mossy cobblestone
LordName_Goes_Here's signs to make buildings look abandoned
Minnow's simple, waterless bath design
_Minnow's storable chairs
Bloodywanker321's Grandfather clock
Rybread66's Cobblestone Walls as Chimneys
Guetsy_'s Corner Stairs to make Huge Chairs
McSofa's Chairs with Corner Stairs
SpaceGanda1f's Cooking Pot

Block Combinations and Patterns

Cenandros' complete colour scheme pre 1.2
LaughingWoman's adaption of Cenandros' colour scheme
Hellarios852's Floor Patterns, already posted
RetardedaSnail's Floor Pattern
ClearlyNotFake's Floor Patterns
Chr12t0pher's Floor Patterns
Dominicewan's Piston Floor Designs
Playlist of Kupo's Colour Guides
Weff47's Wood Floor Patterns

Underwater Building:

RuiningPunSubThreads' guide to building underwater
GreyTheory's Modular Underwater tubes

Arches and Columns:

Trevor_'s Rule of thumb when making arches No source, sorry
Blazingkin's example arches
Laitasu's new favourite type of column
Oiiack's Advanced Arches
Indy12's Column Design using Corner Stairs


Featherblade's guide to Organic Curvature, MAKE MORE OF THESE!!
Bridge generator
Derpatron30m's Tombstones
Zerka1990's Sewers
Inime's Window Lattices
KablooieKablam's Water Height Line for Docks (Can also use mossy cobblestone as pine if cobblestone is used)
Danerber's Simple Fountain Design
MajorVictory's Storm Drains
FunkySasquatch's Microphones (use world edit)
Skreed's Drain
MoltasLaben's Hedges
LimitForce's Water Spouts
Steakknife_Autopsy's Pennies in Fountains
Devatrox's Broken Wall
Bergenco's HVAC Systems
xxrepresent's Functional and Stylish Stereo
crazyPainCake's Pylons! (more are needed)
LobsterFists's Weather vane
SunfishBob's Palm and Cypress Trees
Smitsy's End Portal Blocks JESUS CHRIST THESE ARE SEXY
StewDMill's Rails to Tie Down Logs
Bladerush48's Sawmill
Phil_Flip's Logs that look like dirt that won't be overgrown
LonelyToast's Fountain

Enjoy guys and hopefully this helps you make your builds awesome! Remember, the biggest thing here is to practise over and over again, it's how you can get a feel for how to build. No-one starts off being amazing.

Note: This List is not mine, Phantaminum's. this list was provided by ClearlyNotFake on


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May 8, 2016
Just copied the thread for immediate viewing. Enjoy guys!
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