An upgrade to /kits

Sep 12, 2019
/kits are obtained with ranks and the ranks get up to some high prices, but the kits are very basic armors

Possibly what we could do is give these kits upgraded armor, like Maestrean sets or just basic enchants. The people that have the higher tier ranks aren't in need of basic iron or diamond armor therefore the kits seem somewhat useless to them other than gaining a few materials. Another idea to slightly increase the worth of these /kits would be including some custom items such as repair gems, crystals, or soul stones. Theoretically this change would increase the usage of /kits by players and add an extra incentive to get to these higher ranks. It could also be a means to introduce some more of the smaller custom items into the economy.
The downsides might be that some players stockpile these items and periodically release them into the market for exorbitant prices but thats really already happening anyways.


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Dec 26, 2018
Playing Devil's advocate here:

You're right that they don't need them, but those kits do provide free resources in a pinch. In general the kits are a sort of "emergency supply" for new players and rather obsolete as they get into relic and mythic gear.
Anything that will incentivize higher ranks to use kits would likely overpower the kits. Even the starter kit is tossed out as useless at a certain point and its something newer players are always commenting seems op when they join (Its really not op with all our custom tiers, but it certainly seems that way to new players)
As for adding smaller custom items to the kits, that's the primary reward from voting. You get the crate keys which can give you the basic custom items. We don't want too many permanent sources of those items or they lose their value. (And we really want people to vote. Yay more people seeing the server!)

In all fairness, you are correct that kits are almost never utilized, but any kit with competitive armor would be massively op. Even kits with basic enchants would likely end up primarily salvaged. Right now you have to open relics and shady bottles or go dungeon crawling to get gear above basic vanilla. It encourages exploration of custom content. We really want that. It's what sets out server apart from the many, many other servers out there and we want people to see it.

So Alternate suggestion possibility: why not discuss pros and cons of changing the ranks that get certain kits? Add them at lower ranks for players who might need an emergency gear kit? I think that has far more possibility for seeing kits actually be used.


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Apr 25, 2016
Is it possible to make the op kit armor expire? eg. 24 h or more after receiving /kit armor and the armor vanishes from inventory?
That would be rather hard to code for also something should not be overpowered if they are looking to have it as a regular feature. Now kits are rather under utilized but can be nice to have in a pinch rather then messing around with kits that give armor something more along the line of the food kit is what I would suggest.

It would work like /kit potion and you would get a grab bag of 3-4 random vanilla potions. Now if potions are not your thing maybe something more commonly used like /kit Fuel to give the player a some type of fuel to use for furnaces. Last could have a little kit to be silly with /kit party gives you a chest like /kit food which has a cake, fireworks, and maybe some basic drinks from the brewery plugin could even throw in some chorus fruit. Still these face the same sort of issues as not being really that stellar of a command to use. Most likely we need to work towards more fun kits over something that adds power to a player.

The long and short of it is really hard to balance /kit for anything more then cosmetics.
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