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Dec 29, 2016
IGN: Pulazor
Reason for ban: autoclicking/taped mouse
Length of ban: permanently
Appeal: I just want to say I am very sorry for holding down my mouse with a cup/taped mouse. I will accept my punishment's just wanted to know if their is a way I can come back. I just returned from a long brake and have just forgotten the rules. I promise I will never do it again.
Proof(If needed):


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Jan 20, 2019
Hi there, Pulazor! Thank you for making an appeal.

To start with, we do very appreciate your honesty and acknowledgment for your actions. In this case, it appears to be your second offence, your first being very similar to the current one.
[Link to your previous ban appeal can be found here]

The last time this happened, you had a discussion with one of our staff members and were warned about the consequences if you were to begin autoclicking again. Unfortunately, you have once again broken our rules, and taking a break is not an excuse.
If, at anytime you are unsure about the rules, it is your responsibility to re-read with the /rules command, check the rules on our website, or contact a staff member to ask.

If that is still unclear, do not be afraid to ask a staff member for help, we are happy to assist you out at any time!

Ultimately, we are willing to give you one more chance, however, we cannot let a repeat offence slide. We will lower your current ban to 30 days and during that time, we encourage you to re-read our rules again, and hope that you use the given time to ensure this will not happen again.

Appeal Accepted.
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