April Arcana Wave


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Mar 30, 2019
Michigan, United States
Welcome to the April Arcana Wave!

We have a rather short wave for you this month, it is a busy season all around, Maestrea and otherwise.
As always, we do have some relics & arcanas to be retired and charms to be cycled!
Retired Relics: Adamantine Pickaxe, Excalibur, Eye of Horus, Pillager's Plight, and Abyssal Rod
Retired Arcanas: Eloquency of Adoration, Oceanis Hydra, Oceanis Proteus, Oceanis Kraken, and Oceanis Leviathan

Relic Charm Cycle: Peculiar Leftover Cookie, Jester's Spirit, The Forgotten Shard, Torn Heart, Useless Brown Stuff, Heart of Gaia, Fishy Business, The Missing Link, F in Chat, Halo of Good Boys, Branch of Laurel, and Guardian's Talisman.
Arcana Charm Cycle: Conpertus Exitum, Celestial Sinew, Guile Serpent, Irresistible Temptation, Voidus Vitae, Alpha Sirius, Glaucus Sepulture, Relinquishment of Aestas, Piquant Rhizome, Obfuscous Spectre, Mercury's Barter, and Festina Machina.

Onto the New Arcanas!
mag_condol.PNG memorias.PNG violetta.PNG

That's all for this wave! See you next month with a Relic wave!
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